What is aquatic affinity for in Minecraft? Step by step explanation

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What is aquatic affinity in Minecraft?

As you have already read, this is one of the spells available in the game, with which you can greatly enhance your experience at the inside. It can be considered as one of the positive and quite useful spells.

In this sense it can also be found under the English name of «Aqua Affinity», and has the particularity of being able to be applied only to a single and specific object, being incompatible with other tools or accessories.

This element is the helmet and, in fact, it is also a spell that has a single level of power, that is, its effect does not vary based on the experience points used for its processing, but it is always standard.

What is aquatic affinity for?

Aquatic affinity in Minecraft is believed to add improvements in the water, this means that its power or action can only be appreciated when you are in the water and not in terrestrial environments.

More specifically, what this spell does is optimize the time it takes to bite when under the aforementioned liquid body, greatly reducing it and facilitating this task.

 Now, as regards the object that can be the bearer of this spell, it is none other than " Elmo »Or» Elmo ". If you charm this part of your armor and wear it, you will be able to enjoy this optimized extraction condition.

In fact, the great use of aquatic affinity in Minecraft is that, when you mine underwater without it, the time it takes to mince each block is 5 times longer than when you do it on the surface.

Also, when you find yourself floating in the water and you don't even wear this charming accessory. The slowdown you experience is much greater, reaching a difference of 25 times more.

Related to the spell of aquatic affinity, you can find the spell of conductivity.

How is the affinity spell performed?

Aquatic Affinity in Minecraft can be performed just like most other spells in the game. In other words, there are several ways to get it, with the particularity that almost all of them require a cost in experience or " XP " to work.

What you should keep in mind is that it is always best to apply this type of spell on helmets that were made with resistant materials and durable, to avoid losing them continuously.

Spell Table

You can cast this spell through the use of a "Spell Table". You will also need to have enough libraries and the recipe, code or characters specific to it. If you don't have a spell table, don't worry, you can.

If you decide to use this first procedure, you will need to have the above elements. Proceed to open the "Spell Table" to be able to place yours there " elmo »And follow the steps.

Remember that you can preview the result on the right side of the table. So it is always advisable to place the cursor on it and check that you have applied the correct spell.

the anvil

There are two ways to cast spells with the " Anvil «, The former requires this item and an enchanted book. While, the second, uses this tool and two enchanted items.

Is it possible to get an enchanting helmet with aquatic affinities?

There is a certain possibility that you may find a helmet who already has this spell. Well, this is another means by which you can access these types of tools without having to charm them yourself.

There are actually many ways to find previously enchanted items. These are when defeating looters, fishing, through a villager and even several buildings or places, such as dungeons, final cities, and ocean ruins.

Spells you entrust to your tools or items can also be canceled and removed.

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