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What is Garena Free Fire?

If you are just starting to learn about this amazing game, then more than knowing what is happy hour and when is it, you should know what Garena Free Fire is about! And since the main thing in this article is to offer comprehensive information, how about a little review?

Free Fire is a video game developed by Garena for mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. The official launch of this video game took place in 2017. It was rated as the most downloaded game for mobile devices in the world in 2019.

It surpasses 500 million installs and has broken records of up to 80 daily active users. Something that, without a doubt, is very difficult to overcome.

How to play?

Free Fire is developed in Battle Royale mode. This means it's you against everyone ... or everyone against you. You will share the map with up to 50 people. Your character will fall from a parachute and you have to guide him to land in a good place.

From here, it all depends on your skills and how much attention you pay. Each site you visit can contain interesting and surprising weapons. All of this is essential to the task of survival.

Aperitif at the Free Fire

Like in any other video game, there are items that you can only acquire if you pay. Of course, not everyone has enough resources to spend and buy, in this case, diamonds. It's the most effective way to get or get all Free Fire free clothes and awesome weapons.

Happy hour emerged in 2018 as the perfect opportunity for acquire everything you dreamed of having so much… Will you lose it?

How often is it celebrated?

The first edition of this event was a great success. Everyone wanted to know what happy hour is and when Free Fire is on. As the goal of attracting new users, Garena decided that the event would take place every month.

The event lasted about 3 hours. The perks you could get, the game modes and times for each country are announced by Garena. That's why you need to be very careful with Free Fire promotion windows.

An option to not miss any details is enable notifications from social networks. Facebook and Twitter are the most used platforms for advertising of this type.

Last celebration and eventual disappearance

When everyone knows what and when is happy hour on Free Fire, servers crash. So, if you didn't know how to remove LAG from Free Fire on Android, you were in trouble.

For other users, the 3-hour event duration was the longest of their life. So long as, when trying to log in, it may be common for errors to be presented. So it was difficult to fix the "first logout authentication error".

The last staging of this magnificent event took place in March 2019. Due to overload problems on its servers, the event ended earlier than expected. Since then, users have been clamoring for it to be done again.

Would you dare to play in Free Fire happy hour?

While you wait for the long-awaited return of happy hour, do you want to get the most out of this spectacular game? One tip would be to play Garena Free Fire with a console controller.

In this way, your development will be greater and you will get more and more rewards during this event. Will you have the courage to play?

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