What is it and how to enter Egoland? Rust's Twitch Server Which Celebrities Are Attending?

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What is Egoland

Egoland is perhaps one of the most talked about topics on the Spanish-speaking Internet in recent days. If you go to this guide with the purpose of answering the answer "What is Egoland?", We indicate that Egoland is the name of a server Rust.

But don't be fooled, it's not just any server, it's a server and a "saga" of direct and video, offered by a large number of content creators. Specifically, it is a proposal in which great personalities from the world of Spanish-speaking streaming intervene.

As for Rust, Rust is a survival video game which was first released in 2013 (although it would have officially come out in 2018). The video game has a large number of options and methods to survive, which is why it is a lot of fun to play and watch.

It is certainly not the first time that something has been done similar to Egoland, in the past we had Karmaland, which represented a server within Minecraft. In fact, the proposition wasn't all that different, since Minecraft also has options as a survival game, although it's more casual and colorful. Remember that you can also try to download Minecraft at any time.

How to enter Egoland

Joining Egoland is not an easy process, indeed we could say that it is practically impossible, since it is a private server made by prominent figures of the Internet. Either way, it is very likely that at some point they will give way to some users.

Likewise, we recommend what it is from our point of view the best Rust server in Spanish, you just have to open the game, press 'play' and press the F1 key to access the command console and enter: client.connect rust.battle.es:28015 its official site is https://battle.es/

For this reason, if you are a fan of any of those involved in Egoland, you need to be very vigilant, as there is a possibility that at some point you may enter Egoland. Even so, keep the above in mind, as this is currently very difficult, as it's just a server designed for streamers.

Either way, the above doesn't stop you from playing Rust, in fact, you can get the game anytime through Rust on Steam. The game has a price, but it is definitely one of the video games funniest of recent times.

If you finally decide to download Rust, you can also consider what is possibly the best Rust server in Spanish. Without a doubt, it is a great option to play with your friends

What celebrities participate in Egoland

Rust has seen a resurgence in the Spanish-speaking world thanks to the Egoland server and it is not surprising that this fame is largely due to those who participate in it as well. Honestly, there are many Internet celebrities participating in Egoland.

So far they have participated in more than 60 streamers and Internet characters in Egoland, among the most popular we have: El Rubius, Ibai, Folagor, Alexby, The Grefg, auronplay, Outconsumer, Orslok, Arigameplays among many others.

Certainly all of these Internet entertainment figures have made Rust more popular than ever. If you want to watch Egoland broadcasts, you have to be very attentive to broadcasts in live streaming of your favorite Streamers.

Egoland will be shown across several platforms, but with a main focus on Twitch, so it's essential that you know what Twitch is and how it works if you want to see the broadcast of one of the famous characters involved in Egoland

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