What is it and how to start playing Rust? - Complete guide, tips and game analysis

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What is it and how to start playing Rust? - Complete guide, tips and game analysis

Rust is a very complex game, in fact only by playing it you will gradually learn all the tactics needed to be an expert. However, by following a few tips the process can be simplified. That said, carefully read the following basic guide on the aspects you need to know for play Rust correctly.

Choose a good area

When you start in Rust, you will appear in a completely random area. However, this may not be good for our progress in the game. Having said that, the first thing you should do is find a suitable location.

The criteria are different, but try to find an area near a road that has water and where possible where you can find various resources.

Get resources

Resources are everything in Rust, without resources you simply could not survive, so it is essential that you start looking for them from the beginning. The first thing would therefore be to obtain stone, minerals and wood in Rust, which will be essential to continue advancing.

Also among the resources we have food and water, for this you have to locate animals like chickens and marry them. Although many times you may find one or the other corpse that can serve you for this purpose.

After taking the food, you need to use a campfire for cooking, it is important to keep in mind that the food must always be present and it will be necessary to maintain your energy and vitality.

This is also linked to investigating in certain places, understanding that we are starting, try not to stray too far from the area so as not to put yourself in danger. Either way, you are sure to find barrels and other items that might come in handy.

Create and implement shelter projects

Once we have the necessary resources (wood and rock) it is time to create a refuge, something essential to keep us alive. The building process might be a little tricky, so it is recommended that you try to practice it from time to time.

Never forget to put the doors and use the boxes, as these will be useful for storing things you find while playing. In turn, we have locks at our disposal, something that is really recommended to protect your home.

Other basic tips relevant to rust

In addition to what is shown above, we also recommend to focus on other aspects within Rust. Therefore, keep the following in mind.

Learn to use the bow

There are many tools in Rust, in turn we have the possibility of obtaining weapons in Rust and many other elements, among them we find the bow. The truth is that every tool or weapon we use has a remarkable one learning curve, but the bow is very relevant, so it is recommended to constantly practice with it.

Develop teamwork

In case you play with other people, it is very important to understand each other in order to advance. This is especially important if you are looking for resources in an enemy shelter, where tactics are essential.

Teamwork implies the exchange of resources, the planning of attack or exploration plans and the distribution of activities. Managing yourself correctly is very important within Rust, which is why you improve at team activities.

Always keep a gun in your hand

Perhaps the golden rule, if you want to play Rust successfully, it is important to always have a weapon at hand. You never know what danger you are in, so every time you go exploring or looking for resources, keep a weapon handy to protect yourself.

On the other hand, if I kiss you in a leap, remember that there is always the possibility of teleporting to Rust. Although this is only recommended for those who are just starting out.

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