What is it and why shouldn't I defragment an Android mobile phone to free up space?

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Over the years, many different methods have become known to free up space on our smartphones. And while there are some that are certainly really effective, there are others that leave a lot to be desired. Here we show you why you shouldn't defrag your mobile Android and what other ways can you free up space from it.

What does it mean to defrag an Android phone?

If you own several electronic devices then surely you have never faced the common problem with space. You probably know that it is possible to defragment a PC's hard drive to improve its performance, but what does that imply?

Well, the truth is that this implies sort or organize information which are distributed throughout the hard drive, which allows for better distribution of storage space and improves its speed. Of course, this is in the case of a PC hard drive, so it's totally acceptable and also somewhat recommended. In fact, it's something that should be done periodically if you own a computer.

But what happens when we want to defragment a smartphone? Whatever its operating system , it is not at all useful to defragment it. Now we show you the reason for this resolution, as well as several ways you can improve the performance and speed of your Android mobile without having to defragment it.

Why shouldn't you defrag your Android mobile?

There are several reasons why defragmenting a Android phone not a good decision. For starters, if you want to free up space on Android and want to start by emptying your hard drive, you won't be able to, because a smartphone simply doesn't have a hard drive. Unlike a PC, information on a mobile phone is stored in a flash memory under the name of NAND Flash.

Furthermore, you would certainly think that defragmenting a smartphone would improve its performance and free up space, but the truth is that yes it is something extremely harmful to the device. Defragmenting the flash drive may adversely affect it, greatly reducing its life.

Of course, this is not the end of the story, as there are great alternatives to free up space on your Android smartphone without damaging it in any way. Now we show you some of the things you can do to achieve it.

How to free up space on Android in other ways?

If you want to free up internal storage space and improve the speed of your android without compromising on durability, the following options are worth trying. For starters, you can try to remove any heavy apps or files that you don't use.

An easy way to do this is from the file manager of your smartphone. There you can find various files, photos, videos and apps that are not visible to the naked eye and that you definitely don't want to have on your mobile. You can also close the apps running in the background, as they slow down everything else on your mobile.

You can also try to disable live wallpapers which can be annoying when you use your mobile in a practical way. An easy way to clean your android smartphone is to download a cleaner from the application store.

One of great quality is CCleaner, which has several options there allow you to delete repeated images and videos, cool our mobile, optimize its functioning, among others. Whatever your choice, always try to use the best junk cleaner for Android.

There is nothing better than having a mobile that works efficiently and we hope this guide will help you protect and improve the performance of your Android smartphone.

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