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What is League of Legends Gmail?

The creators and current managers of League are the Riot Games company, of American origin, though have a branch in Spain. It is Riot who handles everything related to the game and with whom you should contact with any matter related to it.

Like many companies of the same size, Riot Games not only has their own servers and domains, but also your e-mail service. This way, they are not dependent on external providers, so there is currently no League of Legends Gmail email, as this extension belongs to Google.

How to contact Riot Games

Just because Riot doesn't use Gmail for League of Legends or any of its other games doesn't mean you can't communicate with them. On the contrary, it makes a whole series of channels available to the general public to facilitate communication.

These channels can be found on his official page and in terms of social networks he mainly deprives his Facebook page: League of Legends. On the other hand, if you want to send an email to its branch in Spain, you can write them to lol_es@riotgames.com. For more information, this branch is located in Plaza Pau, Barcelona.

Now, when it comes to technical support as such, you can also turn to his Twitter: @riot_support or its channel YouTube: Riot Games Support. In these they answer questions and constantly offer useful information.

Note that if you get mail from these domains you can consider them legitimate: @ leagueoflegends.com; @ email.leagueoflegends.com; @ email.riotgames.com; @ riotgames.com; @ e.riotgames.com; @ m.riotgames.com; @ e.leagueoflegends.com; @ riotgames.zendesk.com; @ email.accounts.riotgames.com.

Conversely, if it's not from these domains and it's a League of Legends Gmail email for example, don't reply under any circumstances.

What to do if you are looking for technical assistance?

In addition to the aforementioned mechanisms, Riot Games has their own platform if you have a problem e hai need their attention. In these cases you have to go to the official page and in this select the game «League of Legends».

Once this is done, you can consult the information published to know what to do in each situation. This information ranges from behavioral rules to lag and connection issues, through the basics of the game and how to update versions. This is very useful as a first line of support and allows you to solve simple problems quickly.

In the same way, Riot Games offers specific assistance in four categories, depending on the type of problem: technical assistance, problems with billing, account recovery or reporting a player.

You just have to click on the category that best suits you and follow the directions provided. In case none of the options fit what you are looking for, you can also submit a request for more attention personalized. There are also many players who request mail in order to send a ban request order to their account which they consider unfair.

These account lockouts in League of Legends can occur due to a lack of a good competitive attitude and when you don't play fair and intentionally lose your team, these reasons can get you flagged after a match.

In any case, don't forget that you always have one very active community who can offer you directions at any time if you need them. It's the gaming community that keeps it alive and well and that's something Riot Games knows all too well.

Another way to get technical support for the League of Legends game is via live chat. Despite the fact that forums are one of the main forms among users, the League of Legends page currently has problems in its forums.

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