What is the attraction spell in Minecraft for?

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Undoubtedly one of the most popular features of Minecraft since it allows you to enhance actions of the player and his items with magic. Minecraft spells are mostly performed on a spell table.

Using the charm of attraction

It is a type of level III spell that is applied in the fishing pole. Its use allows you to reduce the waiting time for once you bite something with the barrel to five seconds.

Applying the spell reduces the chances of catching junk and unexpected items. This only happens in the version 1.9 or earlier. For the new versions it can be done in attraction enchantment without book.

Fishing rod spells

The fishing rod is used in Minecraft for fish in the water. The duration time of a fishing can be between 10 and 25 seconds. This time can be reduced with the use of spells.

Luck of the Seas

Also known as marine luck, is a spell that reduces the amount of trash fishing by up to 2,5% and at the same time increases the chance of finding treasures by 1% per level. The higher the level of play, the lower the chances of catching junk.

As the player's level increases, the chances of find new treasures. It is a level III spell.

Unbreakable - Durability

It is a level III spell used on various items such as weapons, tools and armor. It is used to increase the life time of the objects.

Apply the spell to the fishing rod ne increases the time by duration. The duration of the item will depend on the player's level.


A level I spell that works with XP (experience). Like unbreakable, it works for weapons, armor, and tools like the fishing rod.

When you use the rod with one of your hands and take experience balls, they are used for repair the rod. In case the item does not need repair, the XP passes to the player.

In the event that multiple objects have the spell, one is chosen at random to repair. It is the most basic spell used on the fishing rod.

How to get a fishing rod

  • Build a fishing rod: it is a kind of object that can be made with three sticks and two threads. If you use three fishing rods you create a new version with greater durability.
  • With drowned: Another way to get it is through the drowned. A drowning that occurs in the sea or in marine ruins can generate a fishing rod, the possibility is low, but it exists.
  • Fishing: When you find yourself you have a chance to find junk, treasure and probably another fishing rod. The bad thing about this type of reeds is that they can be enchanted.
  • Buy barrel: a another way to get a reed is to buy it from the villagers for an approximate cost of between 7 or 8 emeralds.

Once you have your rod, approach an aquatic place such as the sea and cast the rod with the right button of the mouse. The hook goes off in the direction of the sea and you will have to wait between 5 and 25 seconds to collect the bucket by clicking the right mouse button again.

The moment it finds something on the hook, it starts make movements as if it were a fish. The advantage of this tool is that you don't need bait to fish.

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