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So much success is due to the union he had with Jeff Cliffe for design a mod that could be used in Half-Life, and thus being able to give another dynamic and perspective to the game.

It all started when they were both in college, when Lee was testing engines from other platforms to start the a shooter that worked with identification software.

Through this alliance, they were able to take advantage of the Golden Source engine, which was used by Valve for the development of Half-Life. After obtaining the source code, Lee tried to deal with the game's distinctive three-dimensional models and perspectives, while Jeff tried to deal with networking and feedback.

Thanks to the interest they both (Minh primarily) felt in armed conflict and the use of the Half-Life base, Counter Strike emerged as a totally different experience for players.

Based on community feedback, which is the best Counter Strike?

Within the internet, many polls have been conducted on the best version, as through each update, Lee, Cliffe, and Valve have tried to improve gameplay and player experience.

Each of these questionnaires covers different aspects that could qualify one of the updates as the best Counter Strike so far.

Among them were based on the quality of graphics, the weapons offered, the game dynamics, the strategies available, the style of the map, the connection service, among others.

Poll Results

Once the data was collected, a rather impressive agreement was reached, as the Steam community and foreign players on this platform reflected the following:

With regard to Source and Global Offensive versions, are considered to be the best updates released for the game to date. The grades were very similar in the aspects mentioned above.

Third place is the classic version, also awarded as the best Counter Strike that has ever existed. Since thanks to him more than one was hooked from the game.

Finally CS: Condition Zero, with a number of votes less than 10% of the public. Of course we all know what his lack of fame is due to. Well, it is recognized as one of the most problematic versions launched on the gaming market.

The success of Counter Strike and its different versions

As we already know the opinion of the community that they consider the best Counter Strike, based on their updates. You may also be interested in how Lee and Cliffe went from mere college students to the creators of one of the most important games of the century.

Since 1999, both have begun offering beta tests of what CS would be like for the shooter player community. All through a website that Cliffe had created.

As the number of downloads increased, the game began to be promoted and received a high number of shares and suggestions.

Thanks to this, the level of popularity has increased. So much so that Valve has decided to express the desire to acquire the mods and make them part of its team.

Such was their degree of charm that they decided to offer them an offer that neither of them could refuse. Make Counter Strike officially part of Valve's properties.

Since then Counter Strike has become an experience that is part of Steam. A gaming platform created by Valve itself for online services.

As a result of this union of two very enthusiastic programmers, today you can enjoy a cooperative system to destroy enemies and have fun as you complete this process.

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