What is the best setting for stabilizing and improving FPS and performance on Valorant?

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Today we will talk about what is the best configuration to stabilize and improve the FPS and performance in Valorant, an important guide if you want to play this title. However, don't forget to lower the Valorant Ping, as a good performance with a high ping during the game will be useless.

Performance is everything in competitive play

Performance is undoubtedly key in competitive video games. This intervenes in the fluidity and reaction times, essential aspects that allow you to play better. That said, competitive gamers tend to prefer performance over visual quality, as it's more favorable when it comes to skill.

Valorant is a competitive video game in all respects, in fact it is one of the most important. The mechanics of the title have been applauded by specialized critics, who see Valorant as an excellent one alternative to games like Counter Strike or Overwatch.

In addition to the above, Valorant is characterized by being substantially less demanding than other current competitive titles. Effectively, Valorant will work decently on most computers, as long as you meet the minimum requirements. But it never hurts to look for better performance. Also, inquiring about how to improve performance is helpful for those who don't have a powerful team.

Improve FPS and Valorant performance by reducing graphics

By accessing the graphics options of Valorant, it is easy to deduce that the first thing to get better performance is lower graphics. Of course, using graphics settings at the lowest level can help a lot with Valorant's performance, which is why it's the first thing you should try.

Either way, you should do all kinds of installations using a system to measure FPS. Valorant has its own system for measuring FPS, but you can also use tools such as FRAPS or even choose to monitor your games with MSI Afterburner which will allow you, in addition to viewing the FPS, to evaluate other important aspects such as temperature and usage. of CPU, GPU or RAM.

On the other hand, keep the above in mind, Valorant is not a very challenging game. In fact, if you meet at least the requirements that are required of you, you will certainly be able to play without major problems. Graphics like the GTX 1050 are more than enough for play randomly and with good FPS.

For this reason you can try to minimize all the graphics, but by loading what most catches your attention. For example, the plots rarely have an impact performance (as long as you have the necessary amount of video memory) so you can load smoothly most of the time. In other words, try changing the options and evaluating the FPS as you go.

Avoid using other programs to improve Valorant's performance

Using other programs can severely degrade Valorant's performance, especially if you have simple or modest equipment. For this reason, it is important avoid having programs open while playing.

Additionally, we recommend that you remove Windows startup programs whenever possible to improve game startup and performance. If you have too many autostart programs, you may see Valorant's performance drop, so avoid running a large number of programs at all costs.

Your PC may be limiting Valorant's performance

If, despite having lowered the graphics e minimized application usage, Valorant is misbehaving, your computer may require an analysis. For this, it is better to resort to the aforementioned tool (MSI Afterburner).

With MSI Afterburner you can evaluate the performance of your computer. Once configured correctly you will be able to see the temperatures and consumption of the components (CPU, Graphics, RAM, etc.). Correctly evaluate your consumption when playing Valorant.

If you see that a component reaches 100% of its capacity or stays there permanently, you are probably facing the bottleneck effect, something you should avoid. If so, it may be necessary modify a part of the computer.

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