What is the best weapon in Fortnite? - Weapon ranking in Fortnite

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The best and worst weapons based on their color in Fortnite

Once you know what Fortnite is and how to play it, you will be interested in knowing what is the best weapon in Fortnite. The weapons within Fortnite are cataloged in based on their rarity, this comes in the form of colors, so it is essential to know this information to know which weapon is better in the game.

Gray weapons

Gray weapons, also known as common weapons, represent the simplest type of weapon in the Fortnite catalog. In turn, this category of weapons is the one that generates the least damage of all existing ones.

green guns

Green weapons are slightly superior to gray ones, inflicting more damage than common. It is recommended that you have at least green weapons if you want to win a game.

blue guns

Blue weapons, also known as rare weapons, they are better than gray and green weapons, they are also capable of doing good damage on your enemies.

Purple weapons

The category of purple weapons, also known as epic weapons, is substantially superior to all the previous categories. Having a purple weapon gives a certain advantage in the game, as it generates more damage than the previous categories.

orange guns

Orange weapons, also known as legendary, are generally the most powerful weapon type in Fortnite. They are the ones that generate the most damage and also stand out for being in able to easily destroy buildings.

yellow guns

Although we point out that orange weapons are the most important in Fortnite, the truth is that there is a special and very rare category, the yellow weapons, also known as mythical weapons. These are slightly higher than Legendary, however, they are much harder to obtain and come from the bosses of certain seasons.

What is the best weapon in Fortnite? - Weapon ranking in Fortnite

There is no better weapon in Fortnite, since each of them plays a specific role. However, if you wish to acquire a weapon, we recommend that you learn how and where you can buy turkeys. Likewise, it is important that you know that you know more about the weapons within Fortnite as we explain below:


Shotguns are the most recommended weapon in close range combat, usually generate considerable damage, but you have to make the right hits, trying to get all the bullets to hit your enemy.

These days the stock shotgun and tactical shotgun stand out as the most common in the game, but their choice is a matter of taste. Therefore, shotguns are in the Fortnite weapons ranking.


During the multiple seasons that Fortnite has had, a large number of different guns have been shown, however, in the last few seasons it is only possible to find the "pistol", the simplest type of this weapon.

Machine guns

Submachine guns are a medium and short range and they can easily destroy enemy buildings, as long as they are fired from a relatively short distance.

Currently the machine gun and the silenced machine gun stand out. Of these two, SMG is recommended, as it has greater overall damage.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are medium and long distance, are undoubtedly indispensable when facing enemies far away from you. The models that remain the most consistent are the Burst Assault Rifles and the Regular Assault Rifle.

The use of this weapon is a matter of taste, but many users prefer conventional assault rifles, the superior version of which is called SCARS, one of the best weapons in the game.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are one of the most powerful weapons in the game, but they are intended only for clashes with enemies at a great distance.

There are many sniper models, but the most common are the shotgun, the bolt-action sniper rifle and the heavy sniper, the latter being the one that generates the most damage.


Fortnite is characterized by the constant change of weapons and game content, in this section we find weapons such as grenades, smoke grenades, bazookas and all those weapons that do not fall into other categories.

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