What is the HouseParty app?

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On the basis of this initiative was born House party. An excellent app that helps all those people who need to communicate with their friends and family despite the distance. It is currently one of the most downloaded applications on the iPhone and Google Play Store. This is an application focused on promoting video calling, calling and messaging services.

Why is it considered one of the best video calling apps?

Houseparty is one of the most popular apps of the moment, thanks to its versatility and usefulness. Thanks to its tools, you can find it available on iOS devices, Android, macOS and Chrome. Although it has been available for some time, it has become more relevant thanks to recent events with COVID-19 contamination.

This mobile application, among all its features, allows you to make video calls with more than eight people. Where also, you can close said chat room, in order to have more privacy with your group of friends or family. So you shouldn't hesitate to install this amazing application.

With this communication tool, not only can you have more video calls, but you can also have virtual games, chats and private chat rooms. All this at the push of a button. The series of games that you can find in this application are designed specifically for people who want to play a group game:

  • Pictionari : One of the most classic games to play in a group. It consists of drawing with the help of a series of instructions and clues so that other people can guess what the other person is trying to say or express.
  • Banal: The best question and answer game, where only those who answer the fastest can win.
  • Who's Who: each player will have a virtual card and his mission is to ask the right questions until they guess which card it is.

What is the hook of this mobile application?

Its features and great tools aren't the only reasons why this application has been so popular in recent times. His games are excellent and they are very easy for use by all participants in the conversation.

Likewise, for those who want it and through payments that must be made within the application, it is possible to acquire new characters and even themes that can be applied to their virtual games or chats.

Its registration is quite simple and does not require more information than is requested in the social applications. Generally, the app will only ask you for your phone number or, in lack, a connection with Facebook, to start the registration procedure. The main function of the application is to provide its users with chat rooms where it is possible to make video calls with multiple users (up to 8 people).

Houseparty from your mobile.

To access the games option found in the application, you must first be in a video conference and ask your friends to accept the invitation. Among the best games that the application has to play in a group are Heads Up !, Chips and Guac e Quick Draw!

All these applications are fully inclusive, plus you can play as many times as you want without fear of having to pay any fees for using them. With this application you can be in constant contact with all your loved ones, as well as having fun thanks to all of your loved ones online games.

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