What is the poison, poison or rotten potato good for in Minecraft?

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Within Minecraft, you have a lot to interact with, as being such a large world the player is placed in, it has a lot going on from the start. The player can cut trees for wood, create tools to defend himself and obtain new resources, and much more.

In fact, Minecraft is one of those games that brought the interaction on another level, because the player can interact with practically anything he can see. From plants that can be used for decoration, to animals that can be tamed and kept inside a farm, for protection, food or transportation.

to survive, it is imperative that the player can interact with his surroundings and all these objects, as there are all kinds of monsters that can threaten his life and he must eat to survive the days in between. But if you're playing Minecraft and you've come across a poisoned potato, you may need to think more about your food decisions.

What is a poisoned potato?

Within the survival mode of Minecraft, one of the main goals is to be able to stay alive, and this is done by keeping the life bar always full. This is done in different ways, such as when the player is harmed in some way, their life bar fills up depending on the level of hunger a player has.

This is why it is important that the player can eat food whenever the hunger bar goes down, which is displayed on the screen in the form of hams or pork legs . There are several foods that can be eaten, from bread to cooked bacon. But there are some foods that may be a little more questionable, like zombie meat or one poisoned potato.

The poisoned potato is a food that can rarely be obtained by harvesting or destroying a potato crop. It differs from ordinary potatoes in its greenish color and the effect it can have on the player.

What is a poisoned potato good for?

A poisoned potato is nothing more than an immediate food, we say it because it cannot be cooked, combined with something else or used in a composter. In consumption of Poisoned Hunger Potatoes restore two points, but there is up to 60% chance of poisoning the player momentarily, but making him lose 4 life, or two hearts.

Interestingly, the poisoned potato it can restore the player's hunger far more than a normal potato, so it can be a valuable resource if other types of food are not available within the game.

For the rest it is advisable to discard the potato or to keep it for emergency times when there is no more food, but we must take into account the danger of poisoning it produces, which can be fatal if you have a very high waist points. low.

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