What is the repair spell in Minecraft for and how to use it?

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What is the use of the repair spell in Minecraft?

Its name can give you a basic indication of its usefulness, even so, in a repair spell in Minecraft, known as " Mending ". It is used so that the receiving object can regain the duration it lost during its use.

Making a parenthesis here, it must be remembered that, based on the manufacturing materials of objects, in addition to other basic factors, they affect the available use time of the elements, fixing a quantity or a period of life before being destroyed.

Hence, the repair uses the spheres of experience or “XP”, after the entity or entities have been enchanted. This type of wisdom score is not extracted from what you have already accumulated, but will use the "dry experience" that is collected.

How does repair work in Minecraft?

After magically upgrading your gadget or item, or many of them, the repair spell in Minecraft will work as long as you have said gadget in the right place.

However, it's more than one, so it will work in both yours "Main hand", as in the special spaces for the armor and also in the "Second hand “, So you can place them in different areas.

Therefore, you are not limited to a single tool, but, if you only repair one item at a time. What does this mean? Well, the XP in the form of a globe you collect will be used at random in any of the available units.

In this sense, if the chosen team does not need any repairs, the experience will be added to your character's total. In no case will it continue to take effect or choose a different item.

The same happens in the case in which in the three positions mentioned there is no tool that guarantees the use of the spell. That is, the experience will become part of the accumulated experience on a regular basis.

However, if the selected item requires compensation, it will act in the proportion of "2 XP points" to repair durability and the same will not be added to that of the player.

What tools and items can I enchant?

There are a total of 12 items you can receive in the repair spell in Minecraft, which has a unique power level. This means that its potency and effectiveness are always the same.

Now, among the tools that accept this spell are the " Ax ", the " Pala " and the " Small ", in addition to "Fishing pole"  if you own this item you can use the spell attraction, the " ">lighter "And the known" sickle ".

If, on the other hand, what you want is to know which are the weapons that can be repaired through this spell, these are only three, the " Sword ", L'" bow "And the known" Trident ". You can apply the Shattering Edge spell to the sword.

The "Shield" also allows the application of this trick, in addition to the parts of the user's armor, the "C a sco "that can be enchanted with the spell of aquatic affinity, the" Boots ", the " Chest " and the " pants ". If you have " Elitre "(The wings to glide). They can be fixed in the same way, similar to the "Dog with carrot" which is used for pigs.

Can I enchant objects of any material?

As long as they are within the above elements, you can enchant any item you want. But you have to keep in mind that, the lower the quality of the manufacturing materials (in cases where it applies), the faster you will have to repair it again.

In fact it is generally recommended casting spells on tools, weapons and objects whose raw material is longer than iron and, the more exceptional, by unspoken rule, the better.

These spells and spells that you provide to your items or tools can be removed or discarded if you wish.

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