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Wanaka Farm is a very popular game despite being released in its full version to the public a short time ago. In its Beta version, many things could be done that entertained players and captured their attention. One of best known things about this game is the Road Map.

Some people have various doubts about the Road map, some of the frequently asked questions are why the Road Map consists of 5 parts, when it is released, what the Wanaka Farm will present in phase 4, and what the Wanaka Farm Road Map will look like in the end. If you want to know the answer to all these questions, keep reading this content and stay on the web.

Why is the Road Map made up of 5 stages and what is the idea of ​​its existence?

The creators of Wanaka Farm have noticed that the game itself is about things like possession, identification, and destiny. All games that have this type of property must have certain phases in so that users who invest money in the purchase of livestock, land and products can see profits.

Adventure games like Wanaka Farm have a lot of things to invest in and eventually make money. If the game was short and did not have certain stages, users would not be able to see the winnings. So, in part, the phases serve to increase the odds of winning and also to prolong the fun.

What will phase 1 be about? [Q3 - 2021]

The first phase of the Wanaka Farm is the assignment of lands. Some time ago, when the game wasn't released yet, some lands were pre-ordered, which were basic lands. These basic lands of Wanaka Farm they cost about $ 180 in exchange for "Wanas" coins, which is what is used to buy things in Wanaka Farm.

How will the launch be?

The launch of this first part of the game will have the main objective of stabilize the game economy. By stabilizing the gambling economy, people will be encouraged to invest in land within the game. In part, this first phase of the game doesn't have much to do with adventure, but phases 2 and 3 will be fun.

What is the goal of phase 2 and 3 and how do they come together?

As we have already seen, the first phase focuses on the distribution of the land and the guarantee of the funds invested in the game. In phases 2 and 3 of the game, things like bonuses, accessibility and display of winnings will be clearly visible. With these two stages of the game, users will see the chances of winning in the future.

These two phases are said to be interrelated because they are characterized by respecting the same things that were mentioned in the previous paragraph. What would the vision be for all of those profit opportunity.

Launch of computer events and competitions

In phases 2 and 3 everyone is expected to be able to compete in the development of their land. The winner will certainly a bonus or something similar. For this, a Wanaka Farm program compatible with Windows and other computer operating systems with all the functions of the game will be enabled.

In this way, all those who have a computer at home and have invested in land will start managing it to have animals and the products they leave behind.

Launch of the game for iOS and Android

To further the theme of the competition, will be implemented a version of Wanaka Farm for mobile phones. If you want to download this game, you need to open a Play Store account, once you have it, you can search for the game, download it and play it from there too.

By having the game on a computer and also on the phone, you can play anytime you want for increase your products. In the case of phones, the game performance should be improved so that it works normally.

What will we see from Wanaka Farm in phase 4?

In the penultimate phase of the game, which is phase 4, there will be much more intensity in what it has to do with improvements in graphics and in the details of the game. All this for a single purpose, to offer users a digital experience. Nowadays, for a game to stay on top, it needs to have good, detailed graphics.

Game version 1.3 - AR

With part 4 of the game, Wanaka Farm will be available with the addition of something called AR along with version 1.3 of the game. AR is the reality arrangement for augmented play, the initial game menu practically nothing will vary, but the improvements will be clearly seen in its presentation. To find out more about these details, you need to look for info on the official Wanaka Farm website.

How does the game culminate with your Road Map in phase 5 of Wanaka Farm?

In the last part of the game, the creators of Wanaka Farm will give us a great demonstration of quality in focus with virtual reality. In addition to showing a plane complete with virtual reality, there will also be one great financial phase with increases in earnings depending on the level of play of each user.

Greater NFT interoperability between chains

All the phases of the game that have been mentioned earlier will lead to only one thing. This thing is it financial development of Wanaka Farm and also the increase in the money that users have invested in the purchase of land. This will allow the game to grow in the future and so that people can continue earning money by playing at Wanaka Farm.

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