What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and how does it work? For Xbox and PC

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Benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate game offers you 3 offers, of which 2 are basic and Ultimate the most complete. The Ultimate offers you the following benefits which we will describe below, so that you can decide without thinking twice.

  • For consoles, it includes an affordable price on a monthly basis.
  • On PC, the cost is also low, even in beta it gives you a cheaper monthly cost.
  • The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate game offers you a 3 in 1 game that includes: PC, console and Xbox Live Gold for one incredible monthly price.

As you may have noticed, among the advantages of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you will find the basic plans, which they give you access to PC and Xbox One. This will allow you to enjoy the entire catalog of online games and monthly Gold games and access your Xbox Game Pass from your PC.

Other benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on consoles and PC

But there are not all the advantages of the new version of Xbox Game Pass, because in it we find many other advantages that you will love.

  • It allows you to have access to new games of Xbox Game Studios, since their market launch.
  • You will have access to Xbox One multiplayer.
  • It gives you access to more than 200 games for PC and Xbox One.
  • It gives you the opportunity to access new games on a monthly basis.
  • You can count on offers and discounts on video games and accessories.
  • You will also have access to Deals With Gold offers on games and add-ons.

The best thing is that the price is 12,99 euros per month, and if you are a new subscriber, the offer is 1 euro in your first month. And if you're already an active Xbox Game Pass user, you can sign in and use Xbox Live Gold for $ 3 per month.

How Xbox Game Pass Ultimate works

After purchasing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can update automatically all your subscriptions Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass to Ultimate. By making this change, it will be final and you will no longer be able to restore it to the version you previously owned on Ultimate.

Over time, game titles and numbers may change depending on the country or region you live in. Most likely , a commission will be established from your internet service provider and some age restrictions will be imposed. Offers offered by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are at Microsoft Store prices, not redeemable for other promotions.

Titles entering within 30 days of publication are excluded from sales offers and will not be available on some titles. Under Microsoft's SLA, i requirements, services and features they can change or they can be removed from the Xbox contract.

You can log into Xbox Game Pass and see the offers available depending on the country or region you live in. Once the promotion time has elapsed, the subscription will continue to be canceled at the current price established by Microsoft Store, subject to change.

We hope that all the information we have provided has been very useful to you and that you can update to new version of Xbox from now on. But if you prefer to continue with the version you currently have, you can also connect your Xbox One to the Internet via Wifi or cable in just a few steps. So, stay tuned for more information on the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, here's your favorite notebook. See how it's done.

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