What other games like ARK: Survival Evolved are there? - The best online survival games

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Playing with strangers around the world or creating an online family group to share games strengthens each person's confidence and social skills personally. Online survival games help train the mind to cope certain situations that real life would not prepare us to face.

Bottom adequate supervision and making good use of them, they can be a supportive tool for generating more empathy, improving our friendly behavior, strengthening relationships with other people, and learning to control our emotions.

What other games like ARK: Survival Evolved are there?

We know well that ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game created in 2015 by several video game developers. In the game, the goal is, as the name implies, to survive. He is a main character, i.e. the player, who finds himself in an environment surrounded by strange creatures and other people who try to end it and his main objective is to discover possible ways to escape from them, kill other players and manage being the only survivor.

During the game the player develops confidence in his survival skills. What drives their development. Things that perhaps in real life we ​​could not generate so easily and comfortably. It can certainly be a very violent and somewhat addicting game, so it needs to be supervised by an adult.

To find a game that has similarities with ARK: Survival Evolved, the first thing we have to look at is the story we have to follow of the video game, who is the character you will play with, what is his purpose, what is the goal of the game, by the way.

However, we can find others that offer us the same satisfaction that we get by playing ARK: Survival Evolved, since survival video games have become very popular in the industry and it could be said that there are thousands to choose from, like Minecraft which can be installed on your Android or computer.

The best online survival games

  • Astroneer, this video game takes us to explore different dangerous planets where we have to test our survival instincts
  • Among Trees, it is a unique survival game, it has no danger in its context, it is based only on survival by creating and looking for arrangements to make it happen
  • Minecraft, the best-selling game in the survival genre
  • Pathologic 2, a very attractive horror environment for lovers of survival video games
  • DayZ, its great approach to reality has led it to be one of the best video games today
  • The Forest, no doubt this video game will keep you active and will awaken even your slightest survival instinct
  • ARK: Survival Evolved, for fans of fantasy creatures and survival just like the video game ARK: Survival Of The Fittes.

How to download online survival games for my computer, Android or PlayStation?

With the incorporation of survival video games into the market, the digital entertainment industry has changed, these video games lead us to try to survive in different environments and situations that test some of our skills. Its realism and its contexts lead us to generate that intrigue and that desire to continue playing more and more.

For this reason they have been added to almost all video game consoles, smartphones and even tablets, as well as, of course, computers. To enjoy the best free mobile games or your favorite console, we just need to make sure the operating system is the same as the one required by the video game, so that it can process everything smoothly and function properly.

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