What other games like Garena Free fire are there to play? Find similar games

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Are there games like garena Free Fire?

Of course there are, before Free Fire there were already many games of the same genre so popular today (Battle royal), some like Fortnite, the best game Battle Royale on console or PUBG, the one considered by many to be the most successful predecessor of Battle Royale.

In fact, there is even a debate with the premise of who is best: Fortnite, Free Fire, or PUBG, on both mobile and PC.

So, if you like this genre, then you are in luck, because today it is being exploited on all platforms that exist and in all possible ways.

What games are like Free Fire?

As we have already said, the titles are many, but not all are at the same level, today you will meet the best on the market, which make anyone drool, for their graphics, controls and challenges they present.


We cannot talk about Battle Royale without naming PUBG, imported from console to mobile, it is one of the most realistic experiences on the market, with detailed audio and SurRound, powered by a piece of engine like U, ultra HD graphics (which depending on the mobile can be downloaded) and with all kinds of weapons, vehicles, grenades, among other eccentricities.


The premise is the same, an open field with 100 players falling from the sky (singles or teams), the whose mission is to self-eliminate before being killed by an area that closes in a circle, in short, the perfect game for your mobile (Android or iOS), which enters the list of games as garena Free Fire.

Grand Battle Royale Pixel War

This game comes in here, to be the most similar in the soul, but less in the body, its graphics are more like the hit of Mojang Minecraft, since they are less realistic skins (in the shape of a cube and pixel), but that does not detract from anything funny.

Sure compared to other games in the genre, its controls are a little tighter, but its pace is frantic like many Battle Royale.

The gameplay is pretty much the same as in Free Fire, gamers alike parachuting into a field, with weapons, equipment and healing, which will help them defend themselves from rivals and be the last or the last survivors.

Survival rules

As they say, it has finalized, but no less important than games like garena Free Fire, this is on the same platforms as the previous ones (Android and iOS), it is free and puts us in the same situation, the players who skydive a arena full of people willing to eliminate you. The difference is that it won't be 100 but here from 120 to 300 players.

In this game, the map will also be closed gradually and the players will have to kill their enemies, with a variety of pretty good weapons and supplies. One thing in its favor is that, like the PUGB, the camera can be placed in both third and first person positions.


The most remarkable thing about this game is that, like in Free Fire, they are there different game modes, a call Blitskrieg (all players go to the gun) and others where you have to search for treasures (gold and diamonds respectively).

In short, there are many games like garena Free Fire, of which these three assurances pile up that will give you hours of fun, without ever forgetting our beloved Free Fire of course.

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