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Pokemon Café Mix is ​​a video game released for Android and iOS by Genius Sonority on June 23 of this year; This has a very special game mode, since contributes to brain exercise, due to the concentration required to solve the puzzles.

Games similar to Pokemon Café Mix

However, it's not the only digital board game you can enjoy; Like this one, there are many others games of strategy , fantasy and imagination, both to entertain you and because you really like them. Here are 4 games similar to Pokemon Café Mix.

Cut the rope

This is a video game in which you have to feed candy to a little Martian named Om Nom; that has more than 450 levels, so if you don't like a game that ends quickly and beyond that you can experience new adventures, this is the game for you.

One of the most attractive things about this game is that we have to cut small ropes that move from side to side, to make the candies of each level reach the Martian's mouth; Furthermore, we can be spiders who guide the ropes in a way that, despite the elements that make the game difficult, we can pass the level.

Roll the ball

This is a very fun video game with a high level of difficulty, if you are one of those who like challenges, this is the video game you were looking for, when you try it you will see that it will not be easy to advance to a level, unless you don't have a very clever mind.

In Roll the Ball you will have to build a guide by putting puzzles together so that the ball reaches its destination, if you decide to try it, we hope you have good luck, because few of those who have played it have been able to reach the last level.

Zenge and the puzzles

When we talk about puzzles, we realize that there are thousands of digital games, but Zenge is the best video game you can find; This is to choose the best sequence to assemble one by one, all the pieces of the puzzle.

However, if for some reason a piece does not fit into the puzzle, you will have to take several steps back until they are all well assembled, that's why here we advise you to analyze the situation well and then put together in your head the most successful sequence to make it happen, good luck.

Of the games most similar to Pokemon Café Mix, Farm Heroes Saga

This is the video game that comes closest to the Pokemon Café Mix mode; However, it has different objectives, since the his aim is to save a farm recovering all the crops, and as you pass the level the difficulty becomes much greater.

That's why, if you like digital games in natural environments, this is the one for you; since you will have to join rows of at least three vegetables and also, like other games like Candy Crush, the movements are limited, so you will have to calculate them very well to win.

This way, you might know the 4 Pokemon Café Mix-like games. Games for Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets. Also, you have been able to learn new ways to have fun and increase your mental skills. If you liked it, don't forget to share and leave us your comment, because your opinion motivates us to provide you with the best information.

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