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There are many MOBA games out there today, some take a clear inspiration from LoL while others have their own personal touch that moves away from the Riot Games game. So let's see a complete list of the most recommended.


Obviously if we talk about the MOBA genre, SMILE must be present. This title is quite different from the others because we are talking about a MOBA that is played in the third person. The way it works is quite similar to Lol, although in terms of the map it looks smaller.

In this case we will not have heroes, but rather they would be gods of quite varied mythologies such as Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Chinese, Hindu, etc. It would be the same, only the way to call them changes. For more information, go to its official page.

Infinite Crisis

This MOBA from Warner Bros allows us to play with different DC Comics characters such as Green Lantern, Batman (in three versions) Robin, Superman, Harley Quinn, Joker, etc. Players will face off on maps based on Gotham e Coast City, so it is important to know the Infinite Crisis maps and How many maps are there in League of Legends and what are they like? - LoL maps.

The map not only looks pretty detailed, it is also completely destructible. Something that allows us to propose different strategies. Throughout the map we can find several special points that we must capture to earn bonuses and thus win the game. Even if it won't be easy to get there.


We could say that this game is heavily inspired by League of Legends. However, it has additions that make it unique and give it a personal touch to motivate you to try it.

By themselves turrets that have been destroyed can be regenerated, in turn spells can be sold that can help improve some games that aren't going as planned.

In this case, we can select the role we want to play before starting the game and if we follow it to the letter, we will get several rather interesting advantages that will give us a great advantage during the game.

For those people who are taking their first steps in this type of games. This title allows us to find the equipment quite easily through a filter customizable.

Games similar to LoL

Dead Island Epidemic

Been to Dead Island? This interesting sandbox that offers us to survive on a paradise island full of zombies now has its own MOBA. Deep Silver presents this free game as the first where you can use zombies. They even call it ZOMBA instead of MOBA.

This game offers us a slightly different way to play. Three teams of four players face a map full of zombies. The goal will be to take flags, search for food and destroy enemies, without neglecting their own structures.

The maps are quite dynamic, you will have to face waves of zombies to be able to advance using your weapons, you can also customize or change it in the middle of battle without any problems.

Heroes of order and chaos

This mobile game has been on the market for many years. It's a Gameloft title that, like most of their games, it is based on another. In this case you could say it in WOW o World of Warcraft.

The interface of this game is too simple: on the left side we move our character and on the left side we have all the skills we can cast. It has two game modes that face 3v3 or 5v5.

If you are interested you can also consult and learn how to win in Master Tactics in League of Legends - LoL Master Tactics.

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