What's the first thing I need to improve at Boom Beach to have a good foundation?

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How to farm or get resources in this game?

Before you can learn how to improve on Boom Beach, you first need to know how obtain resources in this game, because without them you won't be able to improve anything.

In this title, what you do with resources is vital, so getting them is even more important. For starters and as advice, try to keep the your gold, stone and other resources in their producers, because that will prevent them from stealing more than normal; It doesn't seem like it, but it is an agricultural technique.


Secondly, keep in mind that attacks to gain resources must be carried out in the archipelago (you have to learn to attack and face other players) , because there are the weaker and more enterprising islands. The best way to collect a lot of materials is to create your own program for the same (so as not to spend anything unnecessarily).

Once you have raised the level a little more, move your attacks to Operations and Dread Doctor, as these will give you not only more resources, but also crystals so you can create statues that increase your% of resources.

These statue o idoli can be built from very low levels, it is recommended to start, create blue ones, which will make your materials and gold spawn faster and then you can upgrade anything you want when you want (this game is like Clash of Clans, so the things are getting more and more difficult).

What's the first thing I need to improve on Boom Beach?

With all the information you have received in your brain, you are ready to know what's the first thing I need to improve Boom Beach ?, so to start building you should level up mainly are: shops (of all kinds) and the camera.

That's it, because to improve everything in the game, including troops, you'll need many resources. These materials can be lost if you attack or win a good event and have full warehouses, so upgrading these and the room (which protects assets like a vault) is essential.


Second you have to improve attack buildings that do damage in the area, which are: rocket launchers, shocks, flamethrowers and mortars. This way you will be able to better defend yourself against smaller hordes as most use weak troop strategies to steal.

Then a upgrade the cannon, the sniper towers and the machine gun. This will help you when they want to attack you with higher level or stronger troops, such as tanks.

Finally, you can upgrade homes and other buildings alongside troops. This is more Of your own liking (you can do it skipped, but you should focus on using the Boom beach statues and improving them), for this there is no specific order because it depends more on your gameplay and the style of your attacks, but it is good that you know the best unit and best combination of them.

And voila, with what you've read, you already know enough to say: What's the first thing I need to improve in Boom Beach? So go to your game. Remember this is only the order of improvement, to keep climbing you must learn how to position, organize and defend your base in Boom Beach.


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