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WhatsApp statuses were introduced into the application a few years ago. Analyzing all the way, we can say that it was a correct decision, with numbers of users that far surpassed those of Snapchat. If you are one of those who often use this feature, we recommend that you know the best tricks for WhatsApp statuses.

In addition to being able to add music to your statuses or even upload holograms to show to your contacts, through the statuses of WhatsApp you can also share your favorite youtube videos. It is a quick and easy process that we will explain step by step in this article.

WhatsApp: how to put YouTube videos in your status

To share a video from the official YouTube app via WhatsApp you have two options: send it via a conversation or post it in your state. However, the latter method does not publish the video as such, but it merely shares the link to said video to view it from YouTube.

In this case, what we want to do is share the video completely in the WhatsApp status so that contacts can see it without leaving the platform. To do this, what you will need to do is download the video in question and post it in the states using the same procedure you follow to share any photo or video you have in your mobile gallery.

Far from being complicated, you just need to follow a few steps to insert YouTube videos into yours WhatsApp status, the same ones that we explain below.

1º- Download from the Play Store an application to download YouTube videos to your device. In our case, we have chosen MP4 Video Downloader, although in the application store you will find several that perform the same function. Furthermore, you can also use apps like Snaptube, from which you can download the APK file on its website.

2º- After downloading the application (remember that ours is MP4 Video Downloader), open it and click on YouTube to start search for the video you want to download on the platform.

3º- Access the video e click the green download button located in the corner bottom right.

4th - Select the second option, which will allow you to download the video after seeing an advertisement.

5th - Once the video is finished, confirm that you want to download it by clicking OK in the window that appears in the center. Subsequently, the video will begin downloading and you will have it on your mobile, ready to insert it in your WhatsApp status.

6th - Open WhatsApp, go to the States tab and click the green camera button in the corner bottom right.

7º- In the gallery below, select the video that you just downloaded.

8º- Edit the video by adding emojis, text or drawings and, when ready, put it in your doing state click on the button with the green arrow, located in the lower right part.

By following the above steps, the YouTube video will already be published in your WhatsApp status and all those contacts you have added will be able to see it without any problems. Whenever you want to insert a YouTube video in your state, you have to repeat the same procedure: Download it from the app, open WhatsApp and share it in the States tab.

Remember that, to stay up to date on the latest features added to the messaging app, you must have WhatsApp always updated to the latest version. In this way you will not miss one of the new features of the platform, which is getting closer and closer to adding the long-awaited dark theme.

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