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Although it is not usual, WhatsApp can suspend your account for several reasons that we have already explained at the time, including the spread of chains and hoaxes, the use of unofficial apps, or the fact that many people have decided to block you, for whatever reason.

Ma what should i do to recover a suspended account? Although it is not always possible, on certain occasions it may become possible to regain access to a suspended WhatsApp account, both because the suspension period has ended and because the reasons why WhatsApp has decided to suspend it are not clear. Whatever the reason, WhatsApp itself offers us help to try to recover suspended accounts.

Then you can try to recover your suspended WhatsApp account

Through an explanatory video published on its official YouTube channel, WhatsApp explains the reasons that can lead to the suspension of an account and how the platform itself recommends using the messaging service. Recommendations include the WhatsApp downloads from official sources and users are advised to avoid share unwanted promotional messages or to add unsolicited people to groups.

According to the company, practices like these are just some of what can lead to account suspension for not having used the platform responsibly.

How do I know if my account has been suspended?

Now, yes you have problems with WhatsApp does not mean that your account has been suspended. There are many reasons why WhatsApp may not work as expected, such as connection problems, server crashes, or other reasons.

Therefore, before proceeding to ask WhatsApp to recover the account, it is advisable to ensure that it has actually been suspended. According to WhatsApp, users of suspended accounts they will not be able to access the application and will see a message indicating that access to the account has been blocked. If this is not the case, the problems are most likely due to another cause.

Contact WhatsApp to try to recover your account

If you are sure that your account has been suspended, WhatsApp offers the option to contact your support service to try to find a solution. Although we have already warned that, in general, the Account suspension is usually due to justified reasons and it is not always possible to recover a blocked account.

Be that as it may, for contact WhatsApp and try to recover a suspended account, you need to log into the app and enter the phone number of the account in question during the initial setup process. When the warning appears that the account has been suspended, you must tap the "Support" button to access a contact form, in which you must submit a review request.

Finally, keep in mind that, in some cases, suspension of accounts is temporary - especially in those cases in which this suspension is due to the use of unofficial apps -, and therefore it will not be necessary to carry out this process; sooner or later you will regain access to your account.

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