WhatsApp video calls: 9 essential tricks you need to know

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WhatsApp made a huge leap in quality by introducing the possibility of making video calls with other contacts, especially when he began to allow them to be done in groups. As it turns out, WhatsApp video calls are simple: call other users, talk and watch yourself as long as you want, and hang up to end the call.

However, this functionality of the instant messaging platform hides some secrets that we will reveal to you in this article. If you want to master WhatsApp video calling, pay attention to the following 9 tricks that we will explain to you, as they are essential to know how it works in full.

Reduce the quality of video calls to save data

If you are one of those who often make video calls without being connected to a Wi-Fi network, you should know that this involves considerable data consumption. Fortunately, WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to reduce more easily the use of data during calls, be it audio or video.

To enable this reduction, log into WhatsApp and click the button in the top right corner. In the options menu that appears, select Settings. Once inside the settings screen, enter Data and storage. Scroll down until you find the feature Reduce data usage, which you need to enable by doing slide the button to the right.

From then on, you won't have to worry so much about making video calls with other contacts while using mobile data, although you should continue to have that consumption, even if lower, will continue to be important.

Add multiple contacts to the video call

WhatsApp allows you to easily add new participants to video calls, which makes it one of the best apps for making group video calls. If you are making a video call with another contact and want to convert it to a group call, you just have to click on the button at the top right, represented by a person icon and a +.

Next, you will need to choose from your contact list who or who will be the ones you invite to join the video call. We remind you that, at the moment, WhatsApp only allows group calls with a maximum of 4 participants. If the other contacts accept your call, the group video call will begin immediately.

If what you want is to make a group video call on WhatsApp from the first moment, you can start it directly by inviting more contacts with whom you share the same group.

Record WhatsApp video calls

WhatsApp does not yet have an express function to record video calls on your mobile, so you have to resort to third-party apps available in the Play Store. Basically, what you need to do to capture those video calls is record the screen of your android mobile.

With applications like AZ Screen Recorder or Mobizen you can record the screen and convert the video call into a video which is stored on your mobile to be able to watch it whenever you want.

Do other activities during a video call

Making a video call on WhatsApp does not mean that you cannot use other applications on your mobile. Some time ago the company added the “Picture in Picture” function, which turns the video call into one small window that stays in the corner of the screen when you exit WhatsApp to browse other apps.

When you want to go back to the video call, you can do it by clicking on the zoom button that appears on that small screen or by entering WhatsApp again.

Use the rear camera on your phone

One possibility that many WhatsApp users ignore is being able to use the phone's rear camera during a video call. When you launch one, WhatsApp automatically turns on the front camera so you can focus on yourself. However, it is common wanting to show things in the environment during the call, simpler thing if you use the rear camera.

To switch between cameras during a video call, it is enough click the button in the lower left corner. That way, you can switch between them as needed.

Turn off the camera or mute the microphone

If sometimes you don't want other people you video call with to see what your camera focuses on or hear what your phone's microphone picks up, you can disable them from the video call screen itself. At the bottom, you can see the two icons of the camera and the microphone.

To disable one, simply click on its button, which will appear highlighted to indicate that this element is not working in that moment. To turn it back on, tap the button again, which will revert to its original state. In this way, if necessary, you can mute the audio of the camera or microphone for a few moments, without having to end the video call.

Look at your big picture

When you start a video call, WhatsApp shows you your image in a small window located at the bottom left, giving more importance on the screen to the image of the contact you are talking to. However, you should know that you can zoom in on the image by tapping it once. To change the image again, tap the window in the corner again.

Change video call notifications on WhatsApp

Just as you configure the phone ringtones you receive to know when they call you, you can change the WhatsApp video call notifications to easily recognize when someone wants to see you. To do this, log into the app, click the three-dot button in the top right corner and select Settings. In the new menu, enter the Notifications section.

Once inside, scroll down until you find the Calls section, where you can choose a tone and a type of vibration for the calls you receive on WhatsApp, both audio and video. As we said, setting a specific tone for this app will allow you to instantly recognize where the call you receive is coming from.

Get the data of every video call you made

WhatsApp has a tab where you can see the complete log of audio and video calls you have made or received, with or without success. Open the app and go to the Calls tab to see that record in great detail, the icon informing you about the type of call appears on the right.

You can know even more data about the call without clicking on it, such as the exact time it started, the duration of the call and the amount of data consumed. To delete all information from WhatsApp calls, in the tab click on the button with three dots in the upper right corner and select Delete call log.

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