Where are the images of the telegram for the desktop stored?

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Telegram it is gaining more territory every day, so more and more people have doubts about the application. And is that despite being a tool extremely easy to use, there are aspects that are not entirely clear, one of them is the image storage, documents, and any files you received in a chat.

We previously explained how to submit photos, videos and images that you have in your gallery and this time you will learn how to find images saved in Telegram for desktop, this way you will know exactly where all these files are stored. Let's begin!

How to find images saved in Telegram Desktop

As we have already said, the beauty of Telegram and its multi-platform system, since you can have the same account or in this case your phone number on different devices, be it: laptop, tablet, smartphone and computer, all synchronized at the same time in receiving new chats and new files.

By following these steps you can find the images in Telegram Desktop unsplash

This means that you will have access to all documents received on the devices where your phone number is stored. And if you want to change your number, you won't be interested, as this platform allows you to do it without losing your chats or conversation history.

However, where these files are stored may vary and that is precisely why we will show you how to locate images, documents, videos, music in Telegram for desktop.

Steps to find images saved in Telegram for desktop

It is very common to receive via chat: documents, images or any type of file, which we can directly access by clicking on the file. But one thing that few people know is that all these files are stored in a folder created automatically by Telegram, which originates when the application is installed on your computer.

To find this folder you just need to do the following:

  • Go to File Explorer. One way to open this folder is by pressing i Windows + E keys.
  • On the right side, find the link "Download" o »Download«.

  • It will show all the files that you have downloaded to your computer, but there will be a particular folder with the name "Telegram Desktop", double-click it.

  • Soon, you will have all the files that you received in Telegram Desktop sorted by date and time.

It should be noted that if you reinstall Telegram on another computer and open a chat, all files will be downloaded again, no matter how old they are, you can have it available as long as you don't delete the conversation.

How to save downloaded Telegram files elsewhere

If you are the kind of person who likes it access all files quickly, and even without having to search folders, the best way is to save the downloaded files to your desktop and access them from your PC, either to edit something, whether it is a file or to modify an image. To achieve this you need to do the following:

  • Launch the application Telegram.
  • Go to the chat where the file you want is located save to desktop or elsewhere.

  • After locating this file, you just need to right-click and select the option "Save with name".

  • Finally, locate where you want to save the file and click «Save».

This way you'll have content available and organized on your computer for when you need it. If you liked the post, don't forget to share the information with your friends.

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