Which famous Youtubers participate or play in Arkadia ?, The server of the video game ARK: Survival Evolved

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What is the ARK: Survival Evolved game?

The ARK: Survival Evolved video game is a game developed by Studio Wildcard, available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. The storyline of this action-adventure video game consists of a unique first-person adventure, in which you will be stuck, frozen, hungry and naked on an intense and mysterious island filled with amazing creatures such as dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Your mission on this island will be to survive while you can hunt, grow and gather food, craft items, use ARK maps, and build shelters to survive. In this amazing experience you can even tame, ride dinosaurs, find griffins and other prehistoric creatures, do night or day, and other interesting options.

The funny thing about this game is that it is multiplayer, with room for one maximum of 70 players, so you can easily play this interesting game with friends or other people.

get the game, you can do it for free in the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store, you can also buy the game by paying in the PS Store, Microsoft Store, eShop and for PC from Steam or Epic Games Store.

Which famous Youtubers participate or play in Arkadia?

In January the server that was in vogue was Egoland, the Rust server on Twitch, now the attention of video game lovers has been placed directly on the video game ARK, and the new server Arkadia, where a good number of youtubers and famous streamers participate .

Well, on Arkadia's official Twitter account, @ArkadiaDioses, the list of all these celebrities who would be part of the new series sponsored by Willyrex and Vegetta777. First on the list of participants in this new project is Nexxuz, which has been described as “a fundamental pillar of this project”.

The second to mention and which obviously cannot be missed, is Vegetta777, while the third guest and creator of the project is the famous and beloved Willyrex. The fourth guest is Nefarius and as the fifth guest he is the iconic Rubius, while the sixth participant of Arkadia is Fargan, the seventh is aLexBY, the eighth participant is Ibai Llanos, while other names such as Alvaro845, Aroyitt, LuzuGames are mentioned.

Other Arkadia participants will be Malcaide, Sisi, Mayichi, Paula Gonu, WithZack, AriGamePlays, Arsilex, Juan Guarnizo, Tiparraco, Alkapone, Elded, Jesusseron, Mikecrack, HeRnyBreak, Lexosi, Cheeto, Lakshart Nia, Elyas360. There are also other streamers and youtubers such as AngelySaras, DjMariio, Elemao, TaeSchnee, Cristinini, Kronno Zombet, Papi Gavi, AgentMaxo, SmDani, Orslok, IlloJuan, Sarinha3, Mister Jagger, Zarcort, Luh, Mangel and ElChurches.

That's right, as you may have noticed, the list of participants is quite selected and contains the best of the best in terms of youtubers and streamers, managing to specify 47 participants for the new Arkadia series and perhaps more will be added as time goes on.

Who will not participate in Arkadia?

Although the guest list has not yet been closed, there are some streamers who have not been invited to be in Arkadia, as they say, this is due to the rules they want to apply to Arkadia, as unlike Egoland, they will have fewer guests to avoid problems.

One of the absences that has caused the most stir in social networks and many opinions, is the absence of Auronplay, tampaco will be TheGrefg, Reborn, Lolito, Zorman, Biyín or Los Perxitaa.

It's a shame, however many of these streamer's followers and loyal fans are hoping they will be invited to join the Arkadia server, and even in the case of Auronplay, their fans have revolutionized the networks by asking to be invited to participate. in Arkadia, but only time will tell what happens.

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