Which is better Fortnite, Free Fire or Pubg? Both on mobile and on PC

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Which is better Fortnite, Free Fire or Pubg? Both on mobile and on PC

The Battle Royale genre has been famous since its inception in recent years, before this there are several video games that have stood out, but Fortnite, Free Fire e PUBG are its main exponents, read the following comparison to define which is the best of them:


Fortnite is a Battle Royale-style video game released in 2017, unlike other games in the genre, it presents a fresh idea in which new mechanics intervene, such as the construction, a an aspect that initially went unnoticed, but which with the passage of time would become one of the main attributes of this game.

Fortnite stands out for offering a very versatile and moving experience, showing more action than the Games like PUBG. Furthermore, although its mechanisms have a certain complexity, the truth is that with practice it is possible to master them.


  • Unlike other video games, Fortnite opts for the mode of Cross-Play game, which allows all players to participate in the same game regardless of which platform they play on.
  • If you wonder where you can play Fortnite you should know that this video game is available on many consoles, mobile devices and even computers.
  • It is a more hectic and hectic option than others on the market.
  • It has great options of customization.
  • It is completely free.


  • The mobile application is not compatible with a large number of mobile devices and relatively modern equipment is required to function properly.
  • While the game works decently on many computers, it is known for its large number of bug e problems.

Free fire

Free Fire is a mobile video game developed by the Garena company, just like Fortnite and PUBG is a Battle Royale. Over time Free Fire has become a hit on mobile devices, making it one of the most played applications on mobile phones around the world.

The video game is designed specifically for mobile phones, which is why it has been optimized for this type of device, being compatible with a large number of them. In the video game 50 players yes they face each other and matches average about 20 minutes. However, you may be wondering, what other games are there like Free Fire?


  • Free Fire is designed for mobile phones, so it will work efficiently on a large number of devices, both Android and iOS.
  • The games are fast paced and frantic, ideal for those looking for fast action.
  • It is free.


  • The game is only available on mobile devices, so it has no console or computer versions.
  • She has not Cross-play


PUBG is a video game that, like Fortnite, was released in 2017, in any case, unlike the Epic Games game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is paid (at least its original version). Also, opt for a type of game closer to realism, where stealth is key.

PUBG is the video game for anyone who wants an experience closer to reality, its map is much more extensive and the clashes are mainly focused on the strategy. However, it is important that you know how many megabytes PUPB consumes if you want to download it to your device from the official pubg website.


  • It is a realistic video game, specially designed for anyone who wants an experience more serious.
  • It has a completely free Lite version.
  • It is also available on mobile devices, as well as on consoles and computers.


  • The video game is paid (at least its original version).
  • Non ha Cross-Play, so it is not possible to play between consoles or different devices.

Which is better Fortnite, Free Fire or PUBG?

Fortnite, Free Fire and PUBG are very different video games, then picking one better than the other wouldn't tell the whole story. For this reason we have prepared the previous comparison, to allow you to define which one catches your attention the most.

The truth is that each of them will offer a different experience and your criteria will determine which one is best for you.

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