Who are the best heroes in Arena of Valor? - The best heroes to start the best heroes!

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How exactly does Arena of Valor work? Read the game background!

The premise of the game is based on choosing one of Arena of Valor's best heroes to transit through its universe. Therefore, the game is played through a third person camera. Every hero, regardless of who they are, starts at 0 when you acquire the game, so you have to train them, so to speak. For this purpose, various missions can be accomplished, such as assassinating game-specific monsters or other players in a game.

At first it is clear that it will be difficult, but each hero progresses quickly to ensure a great experience. Likewise, you can cut down the whole process to level up a bit by purchasing certain products from the official game store.

When you win your games, you will get the official currency of the game to continue redeeming new features. You can set the game in competitive mode and start your way to the top. Eventually, you will earn "stars" for your collection, allowing you to fight against players with the same or similar number of stars.

On the other hand, the game is available for some editions of the Android operating system, if it meets the objectives. In addition to this, Apple's system, IOS, also hosts it along with Nintendo Switch.

Analyze the best heroes of Arena of Valor and choose the best of them all!

With over 100 heroes available to play in Arena of Valor, it can be difficult to choose from so much variety. Being one of the most LoL-like MOBAs, you can also make the most of it and enjoy it without a doubt.

The incomparable Valhein

Valhein is acclaimed by the general public, having been present since the first updates of the game. He is a well-rounded character with an enigmatic story, unique abilities, and a lifespan that can be of great help.

Arthur, the famous warrior

One of the best heroes in Arena of Valor is Arthur, keeping up with Valhein. It's a mighty warrior, sword master and gifted with great strength. It is also one of the most chosen by the community, with great popularity.

Almighty Thane

If you've ever wondered why League is so addicting, one of the reasons was his characters. Thane generates the same effect thanks to the power of his tank and great potential for long battles thanks to his armor-like ability.

Krixi, a particular warrior

Between the best heroes of Arena of Valor, Krixi deserves its place in this regard. Krixi is the most versatile, with enormous power for magic plus an easy use to guess right from the start.

Zanis, difficult to decipher and kill

Despite being rather weak and reprehensible abilities when it has started for the before volta in Arena of Valor, Zanis it is a long-term investment. As his levels progress and gain experience, he becomes a tough, strong and fast character.

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