Who are the famous people playing World of Warcraft? How can I play against them in WoW?

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What is WOW?

World of Warcraft, is a very large game and a successor to Warcraft 3 in the first instance, which focuses on a story, where you control a single character, is an RPG, where you have to level up, to face more and more brutal dangers.

The game, before anything else, asks you for a monthly subscription, without it not you will be able to access the world of Warcraft, che it has 3 continents and many special places, each more difficult than the previous one.

In terms of history, it must be said that is very extensive and that if you intend to play for many hours, this is your game, here you can discover a new world, full of fantasy and mystery, in which you can become the strongest player globally.

World of Warcraft, in its beginnings, it was not such a heavy game, that is, it did not require as much hardware to be used, or to go to a balanced frame rate, however, since the "legion" expansion, this has changed a bit, since they have been included more elaborate animations, therefore, it is advisable to have the PC well optimized, so as not to have problems with performance.

Which celebrities play WoW?

WOW, being a huge game, all kinds of people are to be expected to play it, and Hollywood actors are no exception, some of them, as in the case of MR.T, they even recorded TV commercials announcing the game.

One might think that he is doing this only for advertising money, but the reality is not so, as in the ad, taken a long time ago, it shows the real skin of the actor in the game, except that the username was changed in the ad, for fear of the spam he could suffer due to his fame.

Mila Kunis, is another passionate actress from the world of WoW, said in a public interview, that she is a fervent gamer, and who has long played, Elijah Wood, lead actor of the films The Lord of the Rings, has claimed to be a great RPG fans, including playing WOW regularly.

How to find celebrities in WoW?

During your game, and if you actively play WOW, you will know that there are totally random team assignments, most of all this happens when you enter a dungeon, as the game assigns you a team.

It may be the case that you have played with one of these celebrities more than once without realizing it, as they each use one or more accounts, with their usernames not looking at all like their real name, hence the way you play. against them is that they belong to the opposite side, whether it is of the Alliance or the Horde.

You have to keep in mind that World of Warcraft it is a totally online game, and that you cannot be a player without internet, therefore, you must have an optimized and very fast WIFI network, in case you are using a very distant connection and that you cannot have all the speed, you should make use of a repeater signal, with this, you will get rid of any signal problems.

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