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It should be noted that the prospects are so complete that with any character you can be a policeman or a taxi driver, buy a house and property in Gta 5, among others. Allowing you to create a life with each one.

A brief history of the main characters of GTA 5

In primo luogo, Michael de Santa or formerly known as Michael Townley appears when he wasn't part of the FBI's witness protection program. He considers himself a famous retired former bank robber with an extensive track record and between the ages of 45 and 48.

He spends his daily life in a luxurious mansion living chaotically with his wife Amanda and their misunderstood children, Tracey and James. While spending the money they dump into his coffers and along with his contempt for his current life, he decides to get back on the road to crime, joining Trevor, an old acquaintance of the "field of work" who later presents it to Franklin.


The next of the main characters of GTA 5 is Trevor philips, known to be addicted to various drugs and a compulsive-aggressive being. His biography describes having served in the army as a former military pilot and then at the age of 40 he helped Michael carry out various armed coups against popular banks.

He considers himself the founder and owner of a "Micro-company" for the distribution of drugs and weapons called Trevor Philips Industries. According to his thesis, in the future he will take the reins of the national and international market.

Last but not least, Franklin Clinton is a 25-year-old African American in the prime of his youth. Despite this, he does not yet live alone, but shares a home with his aunt Denise Clinton, helping with the aspects of the house thanks to her job as a distraint for a tycoon who owns an auto sales company last year.

Clinton, Philips or Townley: how to play with each of them?

With an expense of over 260 million dollars, GTA 5 is a completely revamped game that has learned from the criticisms of its users. It has greatly improved various aspects of the game, from the way you run and cover, to the handling of vehicles in general, making it more organic.

Similarly, Rockstar based the gameplay on 3 different points of view, namely Franklin, Trevor and Michael, the main characters of GTA 5. To access a specific one, you need to locate in the lower right corner the drop- menu in basso with the three names. In which Franklin is the first, followed by Michael and Trevor last.


You will be able to see the stats of each character just above them and determine which one you like best based on that aspect; or simply by taking into consideration some points of the short history of each of them to decide.

It should be noted that a wide variety of surveys carried out on the basis of the main characters of GTA 5, positions Trevor Philips as the most loved by the community of Grand Theft Auto. Probably due to his overwhelming personality and his original contribution to the story.

With an angry, violent and dominated character for the moment (which makes him stand out in simple things like covering and rolling around), he is recognized as the most interesting and charismatic character in the game, who in a few minutes wins the affection of any player; However, the final decision is up to you! And in case you want to change a fourth character someday, you can create it if you download and install GTA 5 roleplay.

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