Who invented and created Dota 2? How was it created and which company does it belong to?

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What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a game that is acclaimed by the public. It belongs to a genus called MOBA o Online Battle Arena. Where around 40 million players log in every day to run simultaneous online games distributed by the Steam platform.

This game is available for the Windows operating system and Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Dota 2 has been considered one of the games for years most important in electronic sports games, this is completely free.

The original idea was a scenario for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne called Defense of the Ancients, from cui the name Dota. However, the atmosphere of the game refers back many years to a map called Aeon of Strife.

The Dota 2 scenario was created by the very same players as Dota. Between these it was IceFrog, who would later become the lead designer of the Dota 2 game alongside Guinsoo, who would later embark on a different and distant path to create MOBA League of Legends.

Who invented and created Dota 2?

The Dota 2 game was conceived and developed by Valve Corporation, who appointed IceFrog as chief designer to carry out the project for the creation of Dota 2, which began from 2009 to 2013 where it was put up for sale. Dota's first appearance was made as a map for the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos game called Defense of the Ancients.

Defense of the Ancients became popular within days. This map had become extremely important in the world of esports, becoming Dota la Most known MOD in the world.

Due to the dismissal of some team members, later, in 2009, Icefrog, protected by the company Valve Corporation, created a community that revolves around the original name of Dota. And finally in 2013 the game was made official using the name of Dota 2. In which the characters were still the same as Dota but some changes were made to graphic features and hero names for copyright reasons ..

How can I play Dota 2?

To play Dota 2 you need to get started first fighting against game robots. This is precisely to familiarize yourself with the controls and learn the mechanics of the game so that when playing a real game it doesn't get complicated. To do this, select the option to practice with bots above.

Once you have learned the basics, you can create a lobby in the game menu and you have the option to protect it with a password and play only with whoever you want or you can leave it open to play with unknown people.

When creating a game it is very important to change the game setup so that you can play with the right people. Eg, adjust the position and region del server in so that you can play with people who are in the same area as you, in the same way change the language they are in.

When you go to choose your character, that is your hero, you have to pay attention to qualities that each of them possesses and when you buy items you can choose to buy in a secret shop, these are in the jungle and sometimes you have items that are not available in the usual shop, these are bought with gold, which you get for some achievements, like killing the enemies.

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