Who is Null in Minecraft and how to summon this dangerous entity?

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Who is null?

For those unfamiliar with the legend of zero this is a totally black minecraft mod. It has no texture or face. It was first seen in 2014.

Its name is partly due to the fact that when it is nearby there are objects, such as signs with the word null. His behavior is hostile. It initially appears that he does nothing, but will do everything in his power to make you lose the game.

The translation of null into Spanish is null, invalid or non-existent, but many players claim to have seen it. the most curious thing is that there is no mod in the game with the name of Null.

There is another legend that states that a game crash was caused by a programming error on the part of the developers. Although this version seems a bit illogical.

Ability of a null

Due to its great power this is assumed to be true final boss of Minecraft. It has the power of Invisibility and can manipulate its surroundings, in fact, when it appears, lightning strikes and a storm nearby.

Ha the ability to destroy a whole world and to manipulate its environment. She was so popular in 2017 that Female Null, a female version of this dark entity, appeared. It can kill players in one fell swoop, communicate with them, appear in chats and destroy worlds.

How to invoke a null

If you have done the task and inquired in the in-game chat about Null you will know that there are several versions of the ritual to invoke it. They are usually dark materials and the element present in all summons is the head of Null.

What do I need to summon the Null?

  • Test anything
  • Lighter or torch
  • Blocks of coal
  • Blocks of land
  • Emerald blocks

Do not forget to bring protection, because the moment you invoke the Null, it will wake up wanting to destroy you. You can have diamond armor, sword, bow and arrows.

It doesn't hurt to have some food to recover or one golden apple. Keep in mind that it has a lot of power and in each attack you will weaken.

Beginning of the ritual

Place the coal blocks a cross shape and the emerald blocks on the sides. In the center of the cross you need to put two earth blocks on top of each other. Some choose to place spellbooks, but it's up to you.

Take the head of Null and put it on the block of land. Now for the cool part, light Null's head with the lighter or flashlight.

Everything will start to burn and that will be the time when you have to run away to save your life. When the fire stops you will only see the shape of a cross and everything will become very strange.

Other entities in Minecraft

Surely you have heard of other legends such as Herobrine or Entity 303. Those are the ones CREEPYPASTA which give her a touch of mystery and make her more attractive. Few have seen them and although they are not on the list of mobs they exist.

Herobrine:   it is a vengeful entity of a hostile nature. Anyone who has seen it says it can kill you with one shot. It has the appearance of a human, but with white eyes and tends to create random constructions such as pyramids.

Entity 303:   This entity has no face and only red eyes and white clothing can be seen. The story goes that it is the revenge of a Minecraft employee who was fired and created entity 303.

If strong lightning strikes your world and there is a cross on the ground, it is likely that you are in the presence of entity 303. It will damage the your gameplay or even worse, your house will start to catch fire.

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