Who made Overwatch? Discover the entire history of the game and its fantastic world

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The creation of this game was a product of the developer Blizzard Entertainment, who would also be responsible for distributing the copy.

It should be noted that Overwatch has a fascinating history, since the creation of the video game stems from the cancellation of Titan, a game that the company intended to develop.

Then and as a last resort, Overwatch would come hand-in-hand and part of the members who had formed the Titan team. By changing the patterns and betting on a new and modern game that will feature a vast universe of heroes.

Synopsis of Overwatch

The story of the game is centered around an era when the earth globally would go through a crisis, plunging it into war and destruction; It is at that point that several heroes will emerge who will form a great team to face such a situation and achieve a single goal that will be to restore peace and order to humanity, this team would be called Overwatch.

Subsequently, the team will be able to establish a global peace, which will last for several decades, allowing the population to make explorations and new discoveries. However, the tranquility would not last forever, as the chaos will resurface and this is where the Overwatch team will have to join the fight again.

All about Overwatch

Overwatch has multiplayer mode, which means multiple people can play at the same time, 6 to be more precise. When you play you will see that there are 2 teams, each consisting of 6 participants who must work together to complete all the objectives of the game, which is to defeat the enemy or opposing team and achieve victory.

When you start you have to select the hero you like the most, you will see that there are about 31 different characters. Each with a variety of skills they are defense, attack and tank. It should be noted that although each character has a skill, their functions are different, they will allow you to change the course of the game at the right time.

In general, with this game you will not only have fun, as each game is full of adventure and a lot of action. Sometimes allowing yourself to slow down or speed up time so that you reach all your goals. Also, the diversity of the heroes is so wide that you can play with characters ranging from robotic monks or a gorilla which has been genetically modified, among others.

On the other hand, you should also know that this installment ha currently a sports section exclusively for users who have the PC game. It also includes several tournaments where you can gradually become a professional Overwatch player. In this case it doesn't matter if you are new to the game or what level you are at, you will find a section for you and you can choose between.

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What should you know about Overwatch?

This game includes excellent quality graphics and since it's available for various game consoles and even computers, you need to check if Overwatch will work on your PC. Even if your computer is for gaming, it is important to verify that it is working optimally, allowing you to fully enjoy the game.

On the other hand, Overwacth is currently available for consoles like Xbox One, in case you have other versions of Xbox you will need to check if this delivery is compatible with your console. Finally, don't miss out on this exciting and fun action game, as currently more than 12 million users log in every day in Overwatch.

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