Who's in Dota 2: Sumiya, Cuchito, Egorco, Jona, Mandy or Smash? Find it out!

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Who are Sumiya and Cuchito?

On the one hand, we have a player and a Streamer, which is characterized by the use of the Invoker, which is a kind of wizard, with which it is possible to cast electromagnetic powers, which damage the area and, if used correctly, can cause serious damage to the enemy.

Sumiya, from China, is a very famous player for the good use he makes of Invoker, being such that other famous players also see his live streams to improve their game with this hero, currently his channel exceeds 200 subscribers, and receives constant support from the Dota community, in his live shows, we can see how he is totally focused on the game, at times, even losing the notion of being live.

On the other hand, in Peru, Dota 2 has become one of the most popular games, having thousands of fans playing it or watching live. streaming of famous people, this is the case with Cuchito, a young Peruvian, acclaimed by the public who like to watch him play and apply his techniques.

It is important to note that if you are an amateur Dota 2 player, it is likely that you will not be able to open the game, this is because there are recurring problems on the platform but they are easy to fix, always keep your game up to date , to avoid mistakes.

Who is Egorco?

The competitive world of Dota 2 is very broad, and varies from country to country, the case of Peru is something striking, since there are not only novice and experienced players, but there are coaches, who have at their command complete teams of great players, with who go to world tournaments.

It is the case of Egorco, Peruvian coach, who has at his command a team of 5 players, with whom he has been working for some time and with whom he has had great comparisons worldwide, Egorco takes his work seriously, including new lineups and lineups for your team.

Several interviews have been carried out, where he declares to have learned a lot from the experiences in tournaments and with the members of his team, as a coach, he makes it clear that discipline is a fundamental factor when leading a team, and that if you start in tender age, you can get amazing things.

Dota 2 has become a very relevant game and its graphics section is also very good, it belongs to strategy games, but it is only available on PC until today, leaving smartphone gamers a bit behind, however, even in mobile games there is a great variety.

Who are Mandy, Jona and Smash?

Dota 2 is a game created by Valve, one very famous developer who made real works of art like Half Life, in the case of global competitive games, they always try to make the experience as fair as possible.

The Smash player has had a serious problem, since he has used illegal techniques in a tournament, which cost him a permanent ban from any competition, leading to the total cancellation of his account and even having to write a letter directly to the developer.

Mandy, contrary to what one might think, is a young Brazilian, famous for playing Dota 2 and having used 12 heroes, depending on the game and how he wants to play the moment he chooses one or the other, the case of Jona, is also In particular, since he bases his style of play on something more casual , taking great care of his strategies and his movements.

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