Why can't I update my iPad and how to fix it?

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Restart iPad in case you can't update it

Many will think it seems too basic an option, but repeatedly, restarting the device is vital to the inconvenience “I can't update my iPad”. Because sometimes, when the error occurs, it is because the Apple operating system does not support or cannot effectively process a large number of update requests at a specific time.

As a first step, once you see the warning message or notification indicating the update failure on the main screen. Awards " Close ”To interrupt the process and, in turn, allow the ad to disappear immediately.

Continuing with the step by step, turn off the iPad through the conventional method. By pressing the "Power button" for a short period of time not exceeding a few seconds. Then slide the shutdown bar to the right of the screen to complete the action.


After about 20 minutes, press the "Power button" again to turn on your iPad and wait for the Apple logo to appear on the home screen.

Unlock your device with ease and then proceed to restart the current update, so this time there should be no problem. Another constant option is to identify and remove viruses from an iPad.

Check your internet connection while updating your iPad

"I can't update my iPad" it is usually a complaint about a common internet connection error that hinders the process. On repeated occasions, the bandwidth may be congested or the Internet service itself is unstable to support carrying out the upgrade progress.

To fix it, just check your router to make sure it's turned on and running at an optimal usage level. If not, turn it off and wait about 20 minutes to turn it back on.

After the waiting time has elapsed, turn it back on and connect your iPad to the Wi-Fi network, if possible, by accessing the application " Settings ". Then press " General " and finally " Update software " to try reinstalling the latest update.

Update the software on iPad using iTunes or manually

The main function of iTunes is to remotely manage iOS related devices as long as the latest version is available on your PC. Also try expanding your iPad's internal storage to avoid space issues when updating.

Use your USB cable to connect the iPad to the computer and once iTunes recognizes it, the latter will display its interface with its options menu.


Awards " Contents " and then " Check for updates " to check that there is a new update (remember that for this you have to connect an iPad to the Internet via an ethernet port, or simply have it connected to a network). If this is the ideal scenario, press " Update ". Do not unplug the iPad during the process, otherwise the consequences can be serious. However, if all goes perfectly, “I can't update my iPad” won't be your premise.

Execution of the procedure " Manually Instead requires downloading an IPSW file based on the device model on the web. Connect the iPad to your computer with the USB port and when it is recognized by iTunes, press " Riepilogo "And then the "Shift" key (Windows) or ” Option ”(Mac) followed by “Restore iPad”.

After that, a window will appear that will allow you to navigate to the place where the IPSW file was downloaded to be selected. Wait for iTunes to finish the process for you and ... voilà! No more hassle, go ahead with backup data recovery and enjoy your iPad.

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