Why does my computer not recognize my Samsung mobile via USB cable, it only charges? - Solution

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When we buy a new Samsung mobile device, we do not fully understand the options and tools at our disposal, much less the procedures we have to carry out to perform some typical activities and activities on our old terminals.

On the other hand, in the same way that new phones evolve and are presented, new revamped versions of operating systems also appear, when that happens. many settings may have changed.

Within these configurations there may be doubts that arise along our path with the new mobile device and one of which gets more constant is the problem of connecting the respective USB cable to our laptop.

Below we will explain the reasons why ours computer only loads our terminal and does not read files or information. We will also provide you with some solutions that can be of great help to remedy it.

Why does my device, when connected via a USB cable to my computer, only charge? Common mistakes.

  • one of the common mistakes when you have a new mobile device it is not being sure of the options and qualities it presents to us. From here we begin to break this idea down.

It is very likely that the moment you have connected your device via the respective USB cable to your laptop, could alone perform the charging function. But that's no surprise in the new updated mid-range and low-end devices.

These are those mid-range or high-end terminals that have the small peculiarity that when connected to a computer the its main function will be to charge said device.

This works as a security method to try to slow down quick access to our respective information in case of possible theft, thus showing only one selectable function.

  • There are some brands or devices that before you can connect it directly to your PC via a USB cable, you will have to wait for the phone installer to download.

These versions are a little out of production, but there are still brands that require the software installer of the same inside the computer that you will need to use. More than a security method, it is a controller of our device.

We explain that, once you have downloaded and installed this software company of the brand of your phone, we will be able to access it as a kind of new program that will have the task of completely controlling the management and administration of the phone within the respective computer.

  • Another of the most common but also unfavorable cases is the possibility that your device has been rooted the wrong way. Maybe some permissions or licenses were not charged correctly and maybe this could be why you can only charge your device via USB.
  • Finally, one of the most common options for which our terminal cannot connect to our laptop via USB is that said configuration to perform this process has been changed incorrectly. This step can be viewed within the develop and debug options of the phone.

What can I do to connect my device via USB cable to my computer? Solutions.

  • The simplest and most common way to solve this problem is to carefully examine the options for the USB connection. These will appear in the notification bar, from there we will have the options of "Upload only", "Image transfer" and "Full transfer of USB information".

The only thing we will have to check is the box "Full transfer of USB information" And that's it. We can see all the files on the phone from the PC.

  • In case your device force you to install a driver software, you will have 2 options.

The first is to cancel this download and check if our terminal works correctly without this driver or use the respective driver and manage our folders and files from the program provided by the same brand of phone.

  • In the case of you have rooted your device, you may have one last hope and be able to perform a complete format of the phone, so that in this way it restores its initial operating system and can work perfectly in all its functions.
  • Set the USB debugging box in the development options, you just have to activate it.

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