Why does my Samsung Galaxy A50 not recognize the fingerprint? How do I unlock it? - Solution

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Many companies are tasked with bringing modern, feature-rich mobile devices to its users, who are eagerly awaiting a team that also offers what they may not have imagined.

Today we have a number of mobile devices that exceed our expectations. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy A50, created by one of the most famous companies in the world; the Samsung company, which is constantly updating and creating new equipment, content and applications for the taste of all its users.

A new feature contained in the Samsung Galaxy A50 is the locking and unlocking of fingerprints. If your Samsung Galaxy A50 is lost, it will be difficult for the person who finds it access your content.

However, despite the expected fingerprint system to improve the privacy of the Samsung Galaxy A50 , many users have had problems using it. Either because they can't complete the activation process or because the Samsung Galaxy A50 just doesn't recognizes their fingerprint more. In this article you will find information that will help you solve this problem.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy A50

The Samsung company has launched the totally original Samsung Galaxy A50 on the market. However, there are other responsible companies imitation of these devices which have the same physical characteristics. Even with all of this, there are ways to tell if a mobile device is an imitation.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a majestic mid-range mobile device packed with multiple features. It has 6GB RAM, so many applications work easily and without slowdowns.

The screen measures approximately 6,4 inches. This way you can see and enjoy all the content in a good size. Also, with the resolution of 2.340x 1.080 pixels, graphics and the images will be in color.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a front and rear camera to take your best photos. It has an internal memory of 64GB and has a slot to insert a microSD.

Furthermore, has a 4.000mAh battery, so its charge will last much longer than any other device. Just make sure you have the original battery for this model.

Samsung Galaxy A50 also features a fingerprint authentication system, so you can use this feature to protect any information you consider private. Many times this function stops working unexpectedly but don't worry here you will find the solution.

Solutions for the Samsung Galaxy A50 to recognize fingerprints

Many users have reported that their Samsung Galaxy A50 does not recognize fingerprints. So they get frustrated in looking for a solution to this problem. At the moment, I present 3 possible solutions which you can use to try to correct this problem.

One of the problems your Samsung Galaxy A50 doesn't recognize your fingerprint is that it does screen may be wet or your fingers are wet. You need to make sure you clean any moisture, both from your hands and from your device's screen. Do this with a cloth that is not too rough so as not to scratch the glass and try again.

Many times the Samsung Galaxy A50 does not recognize fingerprints due to bad configuration of your system to activate this function. All you have to do is set up the system again. Go to the settings and security option. There you will place your fingerprint and make sure the result says: Successfully registered fingerprint.

Another problem where your device does not recognize your fingerprint is that it has a damaged screen. The damage can be caused by a cracked screen or scratches on its surface. If this is your case, you will need to change the screen or Mica of your Samsung Galaxy A50. This is an extreme but effective solution.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 was created to meet all your needs. If you still don't have the Samsung Galaxy A50, go buy it now. And if you have it but want to have more privacy in your content, don't forget to use its fingerprint feature.

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