Why does my Samsung Galaxy A70 mobile screen not turn off and how can I fix it?

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It is undoubtedly important to identify if a Samsung Galaxy A70 mobile phone is genuine if you have any suspicions or before buying it. On the other hand, some problems are known within this range, so today we explain why your Samsung Galaxy A70 mobile phone screen won't turn off and how you can fix the problem.

Samsung Galaxy A70

Samsung Galaxy A70 is one of the devices most important in the A range of Samsung. The mobile has an eight-core processor with acceptable power, an excellent 4500 mA battery, 6 GB of RAM, a good 32 Mpx camera and 128 GB of storage.

All of the above makes it an excellent device. Even so, some users complain that it does screen does not turn off, something we'll show you how to fix below.

Reasons why the Samsung Galaxy A70 screen won't turn off and how to fix it

There are several reasons why the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A70 mobile phone stays on, something that can drain your mobile, so it is recommended to show the battery percentage on your Samsung Galaxy. Fortunately most of the time, a couple of simple settings will fix the problem.

Check the screen timeout

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are usually the most appropriate and in this case comes first the verification of options on the screen. It often happens that devices are configured by default in a very particular way.

Indeed, the mobile phones of the Samsung range are characterized because, by default, the screens are configured in high shutdown times. Fortunately, this can be fixed after a few basic settings.

  • The first thing is to go to the mobile settings by clicking on the “Settings” option. Place where you can also change the ringtone of your mobile.
  • After the above, go to the section " Screen ".
  • Look for the option " Screen timeout ". Here you will see all available options. It is very likely that you have your mobile set to " 30 minutes ".
  • Note that all the options here indicate how long it will take for the device to turn off the screen. Set the option according to your needs, either way, we recommend using 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Make sure you are using a suitable or original charger

If you encounter the problem that yours Samsung Galaxy A70 does not turn off the screen while charging, it is better to check the status of the charger. Keep in mind that cellphones are very sensitive to unsupported chargers and can even be damaged if a different charger is used.

For this reason it is recommended to use chargers supplied by the Samsung company and designed for your mobile device. In fact, one of the effects of using faulty or pirated chargers is that the mobile phone screen never turns off.

Check if the "Display always on" option is enabled

Some Samsung brand devices have the option “Always – on screen”, which in English is called “Always On Display”.

The above option means that the screen does not turn off automatically at any time. In other words, the screen will only turn off when you press the on / off button on your mobile.

The option has its usefulness, in any case, if for some reason you forget to press the shutdown button, the device will have the screen on until the mobile phone downloads.

You can check if you have this option, simply by sliding the taskbar located at the top of the mobile, a space where you can also find options to take a screenshot and more. If the option " Always active display “, Just disable it and the problem should be solved.

I can't turn off the Samsung Galaxy A70

If, on the other hand, your problem is that you can't turn off your phone, you can try several things. The first of these would be wait for the mobile phone to download and check if the problem is resolved once the device is restarted.

Instead, check that the on / off button both in good condition. If you notice that the button does not work, it is best to take your mobile to a technical service or use the device warranty.

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