Why does my Samsung Galaxy not recognize the micro SD memory? - Solution

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Causes that prevent your Samsung Galaxy phone from recognizing a micro SD memory

One of the reasons why a Samsung Galaxy phone cannot read or recognize a micro SD memory is due to the incompatible format. This occurs because Samsung Galaxy generally recognizes exFAT or FAT formatted devices. Also, inserting or connecting a micro SD memory incorrectly can cause this error.

Another common cause is the deterioration of the SD card slot. Also, the micro SD memory may be damaged or dirty. Therefore, it is necessary to rule out all these causes before seeking and applying a workable solution.

Why does my Samsung Galaxy not recognize the micro SD memory? - Solution

If your Samsung Galaxy does not recognize the micro SD memory you have inserted into the respective slot, it is possible that you are inserting the memory incorrectly. Check if you are performing this procedure correctly.

Furthermore, it is possible that the micro SD memory is damaged, incompatible with your mobile device or that there is a failure in the slot due to component damage. For this reason, we explain the steps to follow to solve this problem.

Restart your mobile device

Si problems often occur at the level of software costs. and a restart of the phone could fix any problems. Re-insert the micro SD memory and if your device still doesn't recognize it, continue with the next step.

Insert the micro SD memory into your computer

To verify that the memory micro SD is not damaged, it is recommended to insert it into a PC. In case your computer does not recognize the micro SD memory, you need to use another device to find a solution.

Check the functioning of your micro SD memory and correct its errors

If your computer has recognized the micro SD memory, go to the Windows Start menu and type cmd in the search engine. When the system shows you the command window, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.

Immediately, you will see the command window where you have to type: chkdsk x: / f, "x" is the letter that corresponds to the external memory and "f" is the parameter that will correct any errors. Reinsert the micro SD memory into your slot Samsung Galaxy phone and if the error persists, read the next step.

Clean the contacts in the SD card slot if your Samsung Galaxy still does not recognize the micro SD memory

It is recommended to clean the contacts in SD card slot to rule out a dirty read error. If the memory is still not recognized by the phone, it is recommended that you format the drive from a computer.

Format the micro SD memory

To format a micro SD memory without losing files, you need to insert the drive into your computer and back up all information in it contained. Right-click the drive where the memory is located. Select the "Format" option and choose the "exFAT" or "FAT32" file system. Press the "Start" button and wait a reasonable amount of time while the formatting process is done.

Reinsert the micro SD memory into your Samsung Galaxy phone and check if the reading error is fixed.

 Reset your mobile device

If none of the above options worked, we recommend you to restore the settings of factory of your device mobile to restore it to its initial state. This procedure will erase all the information that the phone contains so it is advisable to make a backup in time.

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