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The Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is positioned as one of the best and preferred by the users when they buy a new device. The Samsung brand it is one of the safest and most reliable, guarantees that its mobile phones have a long useful life of approximately 6 years.

However, despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy devices are highly recommended when buying new devices due to their smooth functioning and development, it is inevitable that they will have errors at some point.

Samsung, like other famous brands come iPhone o Xiaomi, DON'T è free from having problems like green or black screen error.

Solving the green screen problem on a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is as simple as solving the black screen problem that can sometimes occur.

Green screen problem on Samsung Galaxy mobile phone

The green screen problem in a Samsung Galaxy mobile is becoming common among the devices of band high that the brand owns, appearing very rarely in the devices of previous years.

The green screen error in a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone consists of exactly that, the entire screen of the device turns dark green.

It is excluded that the error is a failure caused by the hardware because the devices of the previous years had not presented it, so this is due to the updates that Samsung has implemented. 

I Samsung Galaxy models Most affected by this green screen problem were: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

Samgung's solution for green screen

Because of different users present the green screen problem on their Samsung Galaxy, the company has responded to this.

It is estimated that the problem is due to a problem software, so they will soon release a patch or update to make this problem go away.

One of the first steps Samsung recommends that you take is to adjust the screen brightness or colors of the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone as the green screen issue may be due to a simple problem of too low brightness which causes the ink color to be green.

A second solution is to verify that the apps installed on the device are developed in Safe mode. Samsung indicates that many third party applications can cause this screen problem.

To check the security mode, you will need to restart the mobile phone terminal and press and hold the volume down key, once the terminals starts the safe mode icon should appear.

After the safe mode icon appears, it is advisable to delete the latest ones third-party applications installed and check if the system persists.

Alternatives to green screen problem on Samsung Galaxy

In some cases, Samsung's solutions didn't work to fix the green screen issue immediately then there are several alternatives.

The first alternative or applicable solution to the problem of the green screen of a mobile Samsung Galaxy is to go to the screen settings and then to the resolution of the same, then it will be necessary to put it in QHD +. 

A second solution in case the green screen problem persists, is to restore the Samsung mobile phone to the factory version or state.

To restore your phone to its factory state, you will need to enter recovery mode and press "Hard reset". Entering recovery or download mode in Samgung is possible even when the home button is damaged.

A final solution is to format the mobile from the PC when it is not possible to do it via the recovery or download mode, with this the device will return to the factory state losing all its data but the error will be resolved.

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