Why does my Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile restart when I open the camera? - Camera error

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This company offers its users an infinite number of amazing phones, you can choose the one that best suits your tastes. The Samsung Galaxy S9, is a mobile launched in 2018, which has gained wide acclaim from buyers.

It should be noted that this device is excellent, but some users who own this mobile phone have noticed an error with the camera when opening the application; the cell phone has been blocked, an error message appears or restarts. For this reason we will give you the best guide to solve this problem.

Why does this error occur on Samsung Galaxy S9?

This mobile has a 12MP camera, really good, which allows you to take professional photos. Some of these devices tend to have the particularity of having errors when opening the camera, which means that we cannot use it, becoming a problem for people, as they cannot use this important tool.

It is clear that this error can occur due to several options, such as a software error. The best thing you can do is update it to the latest version.

Ma another fault it can cause is the battery ; This happens because the camera is a very heavy application, which requires a lot of charge to work, for this reason this problem could be related to the battery of your mobile, that is, it has a problem. 

To verify the exact problem, you will have to perform several procedures in so that it is completely fixed, allowing you to use it quietly without this error appearing every time you try to get into the camera.

Solution to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 camera opening problem

The first thing you can do, when this problem occurs, is to restart or reset your mobile, this immediately solves several problems. To resolve the error with the battery, you need to calibrate.To do this you need to: Go to calls and write the code * # 0228 #, once here you need to select the option that says * Quick start * so that it is fixed, then restart the mobile and check by entering the application .

If the problem persists, do this little test: Connect the charger to the phone, then open the camera, if doing so turns off it is because the battery is damaged; so you will need to buy a new battery urgently.

To be able to use it temporarily without turning off your mobile phone, you will have to activate the "Energy saving mode", also disable the GPS and bluetooth options, all that can consume too much battery, even applications that run in the background.

Leave him also download until it reaches 20%, then charge it to 100%, then unplug the mobile phone charger and use it with the economy mode. Repeat this procedure about 5 times and then deactivate the economy mode, probably managing to recover the battery.

Other solutions you can try to fix the camera error

The mistake can be also caused by a fault in the cell phone system, the solutions you can implement are as follows: Access the camera, and enter the settings, look for the “Reset settings” option in the list, press “Reset and voila, this will allow you to correct the camera settings. 

On the other hand, you need to enter the main settings of the phone. Go to the place that says “All applications”, select the camera application, press the button that says “Force close”, at the bottom click on “Storage” and click on “Delete data”. This you it helps a reset application settings.

In the same way, you can uninstall applications that you have recently downloaded to your mobile phone, as these can cause several conflicts with the permissions that the camera has, because some applications consume too much power or use the application permissions to run, thus causing this error.

Finally, you can try to install a new camera app for the Samsung Galaxy S9. This will help you a lot, because you can find an application that has less weight than the main one; thus getting it to load properly, without problems.

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