Why does my Samsung mobile only restart when I activate the Wi-Fi signal?

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That is why brands launch a variety of models on the market that adapt to the needs of users and that can meet people's expectations. But it also happens that in this rush to try to meet the consumer perspectives, the equipment has some problems that prevent the proper functioning of the mobile phone.

For example, it has happened to you that when you activate the Wi-Fi signal on your mobile phone, it suddenly switches off and turns on again by itself; that is, it restarts from nothing. So, it is at that precise moment when endless worries cross your mind and the question arises about Why does my Samsung mobile only restart when I activate the Wi-Fi signal?

This type of problem with Samsung phones is one of the most frequent that users have reported on the official Samsung website. Being the biggest concern, because Wi-Fi is one of the most used features today.

My Samsung mobile only restarts when I activate the Wifi signal

Generally speaking, the Samsung brand is one of the best known and preferred all over the world, as it has a modern, affordable and state-of-the-art mobile equipment design. I am always looking for innovation to meet user needs ; They are also easy to use because they allow you to solve the problem of how to unlock a Samsung mobile if you have forgotten the password.

Likewise, these models have many functions that facilitate the use of the devices because you can adjust them according to your needs and you will be able to configure the vibration of a Samsung mobile phone in a simple way as well as the Wi-Fi function.

However, consumers have complained about a problem with Samsung mobile devices, which is that when you select the option to turn on the Wi-Fi signal, the phone restarts automatically; Raising concern, as this is a frequently used feature and it should work fine.

How can I know why my Samsung mobile turns off when I turn on Wifi?

The first thing to do is check the battery status ; that is, it is not swollen. As this is the main cause of a phone rebooting when activating the Wi-Fi signal in a Samsung.

When it happens that a Samsung mobile restarts only when the Wi-Fi signal is activated, it is necessary to identify the source of the problem ; In this case, you need to connect the charger to the phone, then you will activate the Wi-Fi in the device and you will see if the function is activated without any problem, that is, the equipment is not restarted, if this happens the problem lies directly in the battery of the mobile phone.

This means one of two options, which the battery needs a simple calibration or that the problem could be greater. To calibrate the battery simply perform the following procedure. You have to open the call keypad on your device and type the code * # 0228 #, a black screen with different codes will appear and there you will have to select Quick Start so that the battery can be calibrated correctly.

So you have to check if the problem is really solved. Therefore, you need to turn off the Wi-Fi, turn off the equipment and turn it back on so that you can run the Samsung phone's Wi-Fi signal power on test and see if the problem recurs or not.

If the mobile restarts again, you can do another test by activating the power saving mode on your device and then selecting the Wi-Fi option; If it works, the safest thing is that the battery is bad because it drains quickly, because it doesn't charge properly. Therefore, the best option is to replace the battery with a new one.

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