Why does my tablet turn on but stay on the logo and won't start?

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Throughout history, humans they have created several devices, all to try to improve the quality of our life, improve daily activities, specialize a process or simply generate a profit. For example, humans have focused on improving communication technologies.

This is of the utmost importance, because when we communicate we always need to a certain variety of guidelines from follow, as, for example, the communication must be clear, short and concise. A problem that our ancestors also faced when trying to communicate ideas is the time it takes for a message to travel from one place to another. In ancient times, they were based only on the speed with which the rider could go.

However, just as we were discovering devices that made our daily life easier, we were able to develop several that allow us to immediate communication between people, which is very serious, since the communicative process of the human being has never been as advanced and interconnected as it is today.

We just have to pick up our mobile phone and all the knowledge of the whole story will be on the screen of your Smartphone. Smartphones, along with tablets, are devices that facilitate communication.

Why does my tablet turn on but won't start? Solutions

There are several reasons why this type of problem can occur with your computer or tablet. These reasons may be due to external or internal agents equipment, such as the battery and its condition, the charger, some poorly performed procedures, and even overloading of information and contents contained therein. 

It did not shut down properly

When the computer is forcibly shut down or disconnected, it may cause minor damage to the operating system and complicate the startup process.

Lack of updates

Lack of updates doesn't exactly prevent your tablet or computer from not working fully, but if they accumulate, you may begin to feel that the equipment is not working completely and you will not be able to enjoy the news.

Failed programs

The lack of updates of the equipment and its operating system can turn the Programs into a defective factor and the tablet, in this case, it would not work in optimal conditions.

Enter recovery mode

To access the recovery mode in Android we must initially turn off the equipment, then we hold down the volume down button, at the same time without stopping press it, we also press the on and off button, then we proceed to go down into the menu with the same buttons for the Recovery mode option.

Connect to PC with USB cable

This alternative might help to access and manage information that the equipment has from the PC if the equipment does not work properly or does not turn on.

Force a hard reset

It is done by simultaneously pressing the on and off buttons along with the volume up button, which will show you the recovery menu, then you have to go to the data wipe option and press the restoration of data of factory .

Reset to factory settings

You can access the 'configuration or settings' option of the equipment, select the backup option (if desired) or the restore option, by selecting the option to 'reset to factory defaults' after generating the backup, we hit the restore option and this is it.

Why won't my tablet turn on?

Well, the most important thing you can do at this point is identify what is causing the problem. This is a question whose answer has many ways of presenting itself. First, we will try to attack any physical or hardware problems that may be present on your computer.

The first and most common is a communication error between the hard drive and the computational processing unit. To solve this problem, we recommend that you take your equipment to a professional who can repair your terminal.

On the other hand, the most common is that you have a software problem. To avoid them, you can find out how to download Windows to a Tablet, as Windows does not have these problems.

They are usually caused by malware and the best thing to do is restore the operating system to factory settings. Usually, tablets run on the Android operating system, so you need to learn how to factory reset your Android device.

Defective battery

This problem primarily requires a battery change , since, in general, this part does not need to be repaired other than replacement, although there are ways to check its health.

Outdated software

This could result in loss of information, damage to the operating system or even interfere with the user's access to key information. You can start by making pending updates and running them.

Wet tablet

When this happens there may be solutions even from home, but the ideal or most recommended in these cases is to take it to a technician who performs the diagnosis correspondent to know in a concrete way if a replacement or repair is necessary.

What is a tablet? What is a smartphone?

These two are devices that were created in the last few years of our technological expansion. The mobile phone is a simple premise, which is based on a device that works like a pocket computer, which allows you to connect several people at the same time in a digital environment that facilitates the processes of data transmission and communication. These devices are generally small and fit in the palm of the hand,

However, there are many people who are not satisfied with cell phones and are looking for a device that can offer them a larger screen and therefore a more comfortable experience.

Here come the Tablets, which they are quite large versions of Smartphones we know today. These have almost all of the same features, plus some that are unique to them. These are not to be confused with Apple tablets. It is important to know what are the differences between a Tablet and an iPad.

How does a Tablet work?

The tablet it's a computer, so it is the sum of all the components that make it up. Tablets, like cell phones, have a physical section, known as Hardware and another digital section, which we know as Software. These Tablets can be connected to the PC, and it is important that you know which drivers to download to connect a Tablet or Android device to your Windows PC.

The hardware it consists of all the tangible parts of the device. For example, although it is not possible to see it with the naked eye, the processor is one of them, as it is located inside the phone.

Another very important example of this is the screen, which is the input method with which you interact with the device. On the other hand, there is the Software, which is the digital part or the program that makes all these physical pieces work in unison and allows you to use your phone or tablet to its fullest potential.

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