Why is my Samsung Galaxy not charging the battery and how to fix it?

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For several hours a day we spend using it, regardless of whether we're handling some emails, playing a video game or by using our social networks, it is inevitable that our phone is an important part of our life.

Based on this, it should be noted that due to various problems and also due to its use, it is possible that our device stops working efficiently and with it the use of our battery. For this reason it is important to find a way to save your mobile phone battery with the best application you can find.

However, this is a common problem that usually has solutions and even some methods by which such damage can be prevented. Within this post we will help you with various tools that will help you detect early and without problems the fact that this keeps happening to you with futures mobile devices.

Try to have a monitor on the status of your battery

This is one of the first steps we need to take into consideration when we notice that our Smartphone device is not running process of recharges in the usual way, when you plug it into the power outlet.

Inside Google Play, you can find various elements with which you can monitor your device and thus be aware of the battery status, however these applications are usually a bit generic.

Therefore, the best thing in any case is to turn to application, which in addition to performing a daily battery check, verifies that the battery status is in order, one of the most recognized is Ampere

Start by checking if the problem lies with the cable or, failing that, the adapter

In general, when someone can't charge their smartphone properly, the problem is usually the cable or the power supply. This problem implies that there is some kind of fault, which is why the cable has started to stop playing its function.

To be able to solve it, you just need to use any other cable suitable for your phone, to know if you can charge yours with this one phone, the cable you will use can be a cable that you find inside your home, or in your defect one purchased from an authorized agency. Remember how important it is not to charge your mobile phone while using it, as the battery can be seriously damaged.

There may be a problem with the USB port

If you have already checked the status of the cable, it is possible that the problem is another, more precisely we must begin to suspect our USB port. One of the most common factors when the problem is directly with the door USB.

It is also distinguished by its use, since the movement that implies being able to use it, can incur wear, with which it is possible that there is an ineffective contact between the two units, with the result that our Smartphone, was not loaded correctly.

In order to find solutions to this, you need to turn off your phone and take it to the nearest technician so that he can straighten or repair those damaged parts. We recommend that you do not perform any of these procedures on its own, as you may permanently damage the phone.

You may encounter a software problem

It is possible that one of the causes of the problems you have with yours device is related to the software. In that case, the first thing to do is to check which application is, which is wasting the battery in an exaggerated way, and once you find it, you need to uninstall it.

For this activity you just have to enter the settings of your device, then enter the section " energia "And then insert" Battery usage ”Is there where you can see which application has used up the battery.

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