Why is my Sony Xperia not turning on, just a solid red LED light without blinking? - Solution

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Given the wide evolution in the world of the mobile device market, a large number of major companies have presented their models of phones and tablets, but only some remain to this day among the best terminal manufacturers and within these it is important highlight to Sony with his saga recognized worldwide as Xperia.

What are the Sony Xperia?

It is the series of mobile devices launched on the market by the famous and renowned Sony company. These have been present in the terminal market since the end of 2008, when the first Xperia called “Xperia X1” was launched.

At that time this brand was still owned by the old Sony Ericsson, it was not until early 2012 that Sony took over all of it.

Hence a before and after was marked for the Sony Xperia, no doubt it was a fairly favorable change to the point that until today the Xperia is still in effect on the market; and are widely known for their exclusivity and a large number of options, services, tools and tools from this brand.

These mobile devices have gained great fame in their early days for the special design of their mobile phones. At that time, the device market featured terminals which, although they offered interesting features, were not so visually beautiful. The Sony Xperia was simply the best of both sides, thus creating a huge furore.

Some of the most interesting propositions based on their design by the Xperia was the presentation of devices with a variable LED light at the bottom of the phone, as well as special water resistant mobiles. Without a doubt, this was one of the points of strength of that time by this telephone company.

Another interesting feature that has always been present in the Xperia are the special functions for listening to music. All this plus the popular Walkman app. Sony which has history and fame with it, I do not hesitate to implement this name on the music player of these mobiles, as well as improve it to the maximum.

The Walkman was undoubtedly considered one of the best music players for mobile devices at the time and was a major attraction of the respective Sony Xperia. On the other hand, these have always been considered high and mid-range equipment with high quality specifications and features.

From here more and more powerful terminals were presented to find better resolution in front and rear cameras, expand internal memory memory, improve RAM memory and increase battery life to be part of it. of the best mobile devices of the moment.

Why does my Sony Xperia keep a steady red LED light and won't turn on?

Not everything could be that good right? This is one of the major problems present in most devices Sony Xperia furniture. Normally this can happen if for some reason our terminal overheats. Also, yes, we accidentally charge him with a charger that is not his own, but from another device.

But don't worry, this is generally not a serious problem and it has several solutions we can go to. We will review them below. Stay with us and find out all the steps you need to follow to fix the constant red LED light issue on our respective Sony Xperia mobile device.

Our first solution will be to connect said device to our Xperia charger. We will keep it like this for at least half an hour totally off. After this period of time we will disconnect our terminal and it should turn on without problems.

Remember that it is always best to try not to charge your mobile with a third party charger as we don't know if it has the same voltage.

If that doesn't work we will have to take drastic measures and perform a hard reset of the device. Unfortunately we will lose all our data and applications but we will be able to save the terminal. To do this we will have to access the recovery menu and select the recovery option from there.

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