Why is my T500 Smartwatch not vibrating with notifications? - Causes and solution

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The reasons why your T500 Smartwatch probably won't vibrate when you get a notification can be due to many reasons like a minor glitch in settings, battery optimization, or even a step you skipped while syncing with your mobile device.

If we suspect the latter problem, you we suggest to know first how to synchronize a Smartwatch on your Android or iPhone.  

How should I configure the notifications of my Smartwatch at the first start?

At this point we must be clear that the applications of the device with which your Smartwatch is synchronized will not make any difference, everything revolves around access you give to their notifications on your mobile, if not activated, notifications can hardly reach your watch.

When configuring your device for the first time, take into consideration the steps that we will show you below to be able to configure it safely: First you will have to go to " settings "Of the system, when you are there scroll to" uses "And you will find three points in the menu, then select the" special access "option

In the special access, the " access to notifications "This specific access gives a list of applications that have requested the autorizzazione to access notifications.

Having covered this part already, we can see that the application of your T500 smartwatch is in the above mentioned list, in case of not being in that authorization list you have to proceed to grant, if the case is different and your T500 smartwatch is on the list perhaps the problem is another, in which case we recommend that you continue with us.

What is the reason my Smartwatch doesn't vibrate with notifications?

As mentioned in the beginning, there are many factors that play into it when you know why it doesn't vibrate when a notification arrives, most of the time it goes into the review of permits notifications, as we have seen.

Even so, there's a big chance that your smartwatch's sound is off or you've just set it up the wrong way in the settings app. But there is also the likelihood of never having activated the vibration of your smartwatch, it seems simple but it happens many times.

How do i activate sound and vibration notifications?

For this we just have to go to the smartwatch application to adjust the clock. Pressing " customizes ”We will see the sound and vibration options, right there you can adjust what sound level or what degree of vibration will be useful for you.
Remember that permissions for notifications must be activated before configuring the degree or volume of the same.

Other than that, you can also opt for one special notification, available for those applications that you consider most relevant.

Does battery optimization affect the vibration of the Smartwatch?

 Optimization is a mechanism that has been applied since the Android 6.0 version, which implies a more generalized fact at the point where we are, this constant update is used by the mobile in an activity to extend the time of " standby ”Battery when the phone is not in use

However, this mechanism limit the operation of the applications that are in background, just to save RAM this way. Likewise, we conclude that another big part of the problem lies in battery optimization.

For this reason it is normal for notifications to start at any moment misconfiguration a because of the service load on the mobile phone.

Disable performance optimization

To disable optimization go to " settings "And search" uses ”Followed by the option that delimits your smartwatch device. Next, go to the app options, where in the menu press " battery optimization ”And easily select your smartwatch so that the system does not take it into account when tuning.

We emphasize that this process should be done taking into account how much memory do you have in RAM, as it may be normal for the application to close also due to space.

 Activate all notifications from your phone to your T500 Smartwatch step by step

At some point you may have wanted to prioritize notifications and perhaps thus only receive notifications of those that you consider important, enable notifications it had not been so simple, in fact, below, we will teach you how to do it, knowing what it is you can decide which notifications arrive and which do not.

But, first of all, the problem we are loading from much higher likewise has another solution: it can happen that after having optimization disabled some other notification does not reach you because it is not authorized.

So let's start with the application that governs your smartwatch, when you are there, scroll to the settings to search " notification management ". checked if they are activated or not. 

Now with just one tap on your device screen it's up to you to choose which application will have that priority, activating the pointer.

Other ways to fix notifications vibrate  

With the steps made above you will not be able to get lost no notifications, but if any of our rabbits have not achieved their goal, please read on.

Before proceeding, you need to keep in mind the following: if you don't have internet access, data or any connection, notifications will not reach your mobile and therefore your smartwatch.

Now, some of the tips to fix notifications vibrate are: restart your mobile and your smartwatch, turn Bluetooth off and on again or make sure your devices are interconnected or have adequate synchronization with Bluetooth.

Restart your mobile phone and your smartwatch

For this job we will take the smartwatch in our hands and we will have to press the power button, which we will leave pressed even after turning it off, in this way it we will restart.

The same goes for your mobile, with the difference that in some cases it will show an option to "restart" set to "shut down" or leave it in airplane mode.

Many times the restart does not completely solve the problem, so try to reset your Smartwatch in the following way: if your mobile phone has the "FitPro" application it will be much easier, and inside you will only have to select " settings " and then " reset ". device ". In this way, all that remains is to reconnect it.

Do not delete the background clock app from the dashboard

What we must avoid at all costs is to delete the app in the background, as it would force stop your application and not only you would prevent from receive notifications, but it would also cause your smartwatch application to stop working properly on your mobile.

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